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National Records fall in Germiston

Mark Ouma for the IAAF
25 January 2002 – Germiston, South Africa - South African high jumper Jacques Freitag and Drienkie van Wyk (shot put) set national records as Namibian Sherwin Vries and Agnes Samaria dominated their track races at the ABSA Track and Field Athletics meeting on Friday night.

The event which was held at the Hermann Immelmann Stadium in Germiston, marked the beginning of a five-leg track and field series that ends in March.

With the crowd clapping and cheering him on Freitag soared into the air to clear the bar at 2.32 metres on his third and last attempt in the men's high jump. The effort saw him improve his national record by a centimetre. Partly out of excitement and partly out of appreciation for the public support, the 20 year old World Junior Champion made no further attempt to improve the record. Instead, he embarked on a lively victory celebration.

"I have never felt physically stronger in my life. Presently l am still in the thick of strength training in the gymnasium. Therefore, l did not expect to do well in my first meeting of the year. Once l am out of the gym, you can expect great things.

"This year l have my sights set on winning a gold medal at the Commonwealth Games in Manchester (England) with a height of at least 2.35 metres," said a delighted Freitag.

In her last attempt in shot put, Van Wyk heaved the implement to a distance of 17.88 metres, to improve her national record by 20 centimetres. "I was all tensed and keyed up in my first four throw. It is a great relief to be back in competition since the national championships in March last year.

"There have hardly been any competitions featuring the women's shot put. Therefore, training late last year required a lot of motivation. This year l want to surpass the 18 metre mark," said Van Wyk.

The vastly improved Sherwin Vries, signaled his intention to succeed Frank Fredricks as Namibia's leading sprinter when he won the 200 metres in 20.56 seconds. This was a mere three hundredths of a seconds shy of his career best which enabled him to finish fifth at last year World Student Games in Beijing, China. Earlier he won the 100 metres in 10.37.

"I am satisfied with my 200 metres. I wanted to run under 21 seconds in my first race of the season so that l can focus on my weak points. I have been battling to improve my start and acceleration. Once, l have that sorted out l will take my race to a higher level," said a confident Vries.

Drawn in the outside lane, Agnes Samaria made an aggressive start in the women's 800 metres, that saw her way ahead of her rivals at the 200 metres mark. Obviously slowing down the Namibian coasted to a comfortable victory in 2:05.77.

Returning to competition after eight months Zimbabwe's Julia Sakara was the only one who gave chase but she fizzled out on the home straight to finish second in 2:06.88.

"I was surprised that no-one was at my shoulder when l hit the back straight. I slowed down a bit, but when no one appeared to challenge me at the bell, l just decided to step up the pace and win the race. This year l really want to get under two minutes in this event," said Samaria.

World Student champions Alwyn Myburgh won the 400 metres hurdles in an inspiring 49.09. In the process Martin Willemse (49.46) and the Czech Republic's Jiri Muzik (49.90) covered the distance inside the 50 second barrier.

" I am just happy to start the season well. A gold medal and a sub 48 second at the Commonwealth Games are my goals this year," Myburgh revealed.

Petr Stehlik (Czech Republic) won the shot put with an impressive 20.95 metres. While South Africa's Commonwealth bronze medallist Chris Harmse prevailed in the hammer throw with a 74.00 metres effort.

World Champion Hestrie Cloete won the women's high jump a 1.85 clearance. Andreas Erm (11:40.92) lead Andreas Hohne (11:50.83) and Dennis Trautmann (12:00.16) in Germany's clean sweep of the top three positions in the men's race walk.

LEADING RESULTS Note: All athletes are South Africans unless otherwise mentioned.

NWR: Denotes no wind reading

MEN 100m (+1.5) 1 Sherwin Vries (Namibia) 10.37 2 Nnamdi Anusim (Nigeria) 10.41 3 Matthew Quinn 10.41 4 Godwin Tauya (Zimbabwe) 10.53 100m B (+0.9) 1 Graham Dehrman 10.47 2 Martin Brinarski (Slovakia) 10.48 3 Retief Ruosouw 10.65 100m C 1 Happy Nguni 10.84

200m (+1.9) 1 Sherwin Vries (Namibia) 20.56 2 Radek Zaichoval (Czech Republic) 20.75 3 Josef van der Linde 20.87 4 Nnamdi Anusim (Nigeria) 21.17 5 Ricardo Menol (Dominican Republic) 21.17 200m B (+0.8) 1 Martin Brinarski (Slovakia) 20.95 2 Godwin Tauya (Zimbabwe) 21.16 3 Tonie Tollig 21.40 200m C (NWR) 1 Happy Nguni 21.76

400m 1 Marcus la Grange 45.95 2 Llewellyn Herbert 46.15 3 Jopie van Oudtshoorn 46.92 400m C 1 Nicholas Brink 46.96 2 Penny Lorenzen 47.50 3 Najam Aldin Babiker (Sudan) 47.92

110m Hurdles (+1.9) 1 Frikkie van Zyl 13.65 2 Bruce Bickell 14.06 3 Roman Sebrle (Czech Republic) 14.15

400m Hurdles 1 Alwyn Myburgh 49.09 2 Martin Willemse 49.46 3 Jiri Muzik (Czech Republic) 49.90 4 Pieter de Villiers 50.27 5 Stefan Tesarik (Czech Republic) 50.43 400m Hurdles B 1 Henk Meyer 50.69 2 Daniel van Heerden 51.07 3 Barend Kotze 51.35 400m Hurdles C 1 Colin Byrne (Ireland) 52.41

800m 1 Lucky Hadebe 1:48.01 2 Werner Botha 1:48.53 3 Leswcek Zblewski (Poland) 1:50.48 800m C 1 Casper Botha 1:50.95    

3000m 1 Norman Dlomo 8:12.63 2 Solomon Khambule 8:13.71 3 Vincent Kutoane 8:17.74

3000m race Walk 1 Andreas Erm (Germany) 11:40:92 2 Andreas Hohne (Germany) 11:50.83 3 Dennis Trautmann (Germany) 12:00.16 4 Jacob Soensen (Denmark) 12:06.53

Long Jump 1 Martin McClintock 7.59 2 Nico Grimbeek 7.50 3 Johan Stroh 7.39    

High Jump 1 Jacques Freitag 2.32 (New South African record) 2 Julio Luciano (Dominican Republic) 2.15 3 Malcolm Hendricks 2.10    

Discus 1 Igor Primc (Slovakia) 59.28 2 Johannes van Wyk 53.35 3 Nico Loggenberg 50.29

Shot Put 1 Petr Stehlik (Czech Republic) 20.95 2 Karel Potgieter 17.87 3 Roelie Potgieter 17.48

Hammer 1 Chris Harmse 74.00 2 Pavel Sedlacek (Czech Republic) 71.10 3 Pieter Pretorius 63.47

 100m (+1.0) 1 Ciara Sheeny (Ireland) 11.72 2 Winnet Dube (Zimbabwe) 11.83 3 Janice Joseph 11.84 100m B (+0.5) 1 Carla Fick 12.26

200m 1 Adri Schoeman 23.19 2 Clara Sheehy (Ireland) 23.21 3 Helen Frost (England) 24.05

400m 1 Martha McCarthy (Ireland) 54.03 2 Jitka Burianova (Czech Republic) 54.28 3 Kerry van Zyl 54.46 400m B 1 Michelle Louw 55.80 2 Gladys Phiri (Zimbabwe) 56.40 3 Sanrie Geldenhuys 58.10    

400m Hurdles 1 Carla Cotzee 1:00.60 2 Nadia Swarts 1:01.70 3 Nivea Mokganyetsi 1:02.05

800m 1 Agnes Samaria (Namibia) 2:05.77 2 Julia Sakara (Zimbabwe) 2:06.88 3 Lynelle Coetzee 2:08.46

1500m 1 Marlene Breytenbach 4:30.02 2 Liza van der Merwe 4:30.83 3 Catherine Maapela 4:31.20

Long Jump 1Delia Visser 6.14 2 Cossa Lisa (Mozambique) 6.09 3 Ria Fourie 5.95

Javelin 1 Sunette Viljoen 50.90 2 Bernadette Ravina 50.25 3 Gertha Palmer 48.15

Discus 1 Elizna Naude 57.33 2 Maranelle du Toit 47.89 3 Jacqui-lyn McIntyre 46.48

Pole Vault 1 Pavia Hamackova (Czech Republic) 4.30 2 Annelie van Wyk 4.00 3 Katrina Budorova 4.00

Shot Put 1 Driekie van Wyk 17.88 (New South African record) 2 Veronica Abrahamse 16.87 3 Maranelle du Toit 16.39

Hammer 1 Elmarie Knoetzen 54.09 2 Marilize Engelbrecht 49.34 3 Jolandi Boshoff 48.06