Tero Pitkamaki of Finland throws 91.33m to win the World Athletics Final (Getty Images) © Copyright
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Pitkämäki, 91.33m - making up for Helsinki - World Athletics Final

MonteCarloAfter a 91.33m meeting record heave to easily capture the title in the men's Javelin throw, Tero Pitkämäki was calm, reflecting on his performance in an almost understated manner.

“It felt good,” the 22-year-old Finn said of his throw that was second this year only to his own world-leading 91.53, to cap the season with sole possession of the year’s only 91 metre efforts. In the process, he handily defeated World champion Andrus Värnik who finished eighth and last with 76.11m, World silver medallist Andreas Thorkildsen who blasted out a national record of 89.60m, and bronze medallist Sergey Makarov who was third today (86.69).

Displaying his modesty, Pitkämäki gave a lot of credit for his big throw to the conditions at Louis II stadium.

“We had a good tailwind,” he explained. “I expected maybe 88 or 89 metres. But the weather was just so good. I had a good rest after Berlin (TDK Golden League),” he continued. “Really doing nothing since then.”

With 12 wins in 16 competitions in 2005, the season was a stellar one for the young Finn, whose lone off-day came at the worst of times: at the World Championships in Helsinki in front of a stadium packed with crazed javelin fanatics.

His win here, including his post-Helsinki victories in Zurich and Berlin, he said, “makes up a little bit” for his fourth place showing at the World Championships, but it’s a memory he’d rather just let fade. Indeed, he’s already looking ahead, but cautiously.

“Next year, hopefully I’ll get a medal at the European championships,” he said. “That’s the biggest goal.”

Bob Ramsak for the IAAF

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