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President Nebiolo awards Mayor of Moscow Golden Order of Merit

Nebiolo awards Golden Order of Merit to Mayor Luzhkov and receives Order of Friendship from President Yeltsin

MOSCOW -4 September, 1998 - The Lord Mayor of Moscow, Mr Yuri Luzhkov, was today awarded the IAAF Golden Order of Merit, the highest honour of the International Amateur Athletic Federation, which is traditionally conferred upon leading personalities and heads of state who have made an outstanding contribution to the world athletics movement.

During the presentation ceremony, held in the Moscow City Hall and attended by Sergey Iastrezhemsky, representing Russian President Boris Yeltsin, Vitaliy Smirnov, the President of the Olympic Committee of Russia and Mr Valery Tergachov, Minister of Physical Culture and Tourism, President Nebiolo paid tribute to the notable contributions made to athletics by the Russian nation, both through the performance of its athletes and by the organisation of major events. Dr Nebiolo made particular mention of the resounding success of the World Youth Games, held in Moscow in July 1998 and the profound understanding of the values and goals of athletics shown by Mayor Luzhkov’s support of the athletics movement.

Following this presentation, made in the White Room of the City Hall, Mr Iastrezhemsky signified to Dr Nebiolo that President Yeltsin had issued a decree awarding the Order of Friendship to the IAAF President for his "outstanding contribution to the development of sports and strengthening of friendship and co-operation amongst peoples."