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General News Bressanone/Brixen, Italy

Redemption time for Purvis in Bressanone

American sprinter Ashton Purvis is out to redeem herself after a disappointing 2007 World Youth Championships in Ostrava.

In Ostrava, Purvis ran 12.04 for seventh in the 100m final. She had times on 11.74 in the heats, 12.09 in the quarterfinals and 11.81 in the semi-finals, but said that disappointment makes her more determined to change this time around.

“It’s kind of a redeemer (Championships) for me, because two years ago I came I did not do so good, so I am back and healthy for this title,” she said.

“I feel very positive about it,” continued Purvis, who was a part of the United States team, which won the medley relay in Ostrava.

In the first round, Purvis recorded the opening session’s best time, 11.57, and returned to take her second round heat in a comfortable 11.69 seconds.

“I feel like I’m going to run better than 11.57 tomorrow,” she promised.

Purvis’ personal best is 11.40, which means only the Championships record of 11.31 set by fellow American Jessica Onyepunuka in 2003 and the 11.34, Bianca Knight, also from United States, did to win in 2005, are better times to win at this level.

Aware of the statistics, Purvis believes “It’s a great way to improve my time”

She, however, said she is just trying to stay relax, healthy while having fun at the same time.

She is also mindful of her competitors.

“The other ladies are improving, so the final is not going to be easy, it will be a good fight,” she added.

However, according to her, “it would mean a lot for me if I win, because having something you really wanted so badly, would be wonderful.”

Anthony Foster for the IAAF