Rosa Rodriguez in Barquisimeto (Eduardo Biscayart) © Copyright
General News 9 June 2012 – Barquisimeto, Venezuela

Rodríguez’s home Hammer Throw win tops opening day in Barquisimeto – Ibero American champs, Day 1

Barquisimeto, VenezuelaVenezuelan Rosa Rodríguez produced the best performance of Day 1 (8 June) of the 15th edition of the "Campeonato Iberoamericano de Atletismo", which is taking place in Barquisimeto (VEN) at the track of the "Polideportivo Máximo Viloria". Rodríguez grabbed the victory in the Hammer Throw with 71.76m, setting a new championship record.

This was Rodríguez’s (born in Barquisimeto on 2 July 1986) second best performance after her 72.83m national record set in Cakovec, Croatia, on 5 May 2012.

"We are just coming from a period of training in Europe, where we were able to improve many aspects. This is a very important victory, obtained in front of my people, beating the South American record holder, but now we have the challenge of continue this progression at the London Olympic Games."

Her Barquisimeto triumph was also Rodríguez’s second victory at the Iberoamericano after winning in Iquique 2008.

Rodríguez bettered Cuba’s Yipsi Moreno’s championship record (71.06m from 2004) and left Argentina’s Jenny Dahlgren, a finalist at the 2011 IAAF World Championships, in second place. The Venezuelan dominated the event with a solid series of throws: 69.71m, 71.48m, 70.86m, foul, 71.76m and foul.

Lauro wins Discus

In another throwing event of high quality, Argentina’s Germán Lauro took the victory in the Discus Throw with a personal best of 63.55m. Lauro, a Shot Put specialist who was a finalist at the 2012 World Indoor Championships, set the tone from his first throw (60.71m), and followed his domination with 63.55m, 59.28m, foul, 60.89m and 62.23m. "We are in a phase of training where we weren’t expecting such a result," said the 28 year-old from Trenque Lauquen (Province of Buenos Aires). "We still have the main event of the season in August in London, so we were putting loads of work focusing on that. Now, Let’s see how it goes tomorrow in the Shot."

Brazilian Ronald Julião, the 2011 South American champion who recently threw a national record of 65.41m at the Rio de Janeiro GP, was second with 61.67m.

Other notable performances were provided by 20-year-old Brazilian Ânderson Henriques, and by 26-year-old Puerto Rican Eric Alejandro.

Henriques took the victory at 400m with a personal best of 45.59, while Alejandro triumphed at 400m Hurdles with (also) a personal best of 49.36. Alejandro became the third Puerto Rican (Javier Culson, Jamele Mason) to reach the "A" Olympic standard for the upcoming London games.

In a remarkable case of longevity, 39-year-old Mexican María Romary Rifka won the High Jump title with a season’s best of 1.89m. Rifka, who failed in her goal of obtaining the "B" Olympic Standard, won the event in 1994 and competed at her first "Iberoamericano" in 1988.

Eduardo Biscayart for the IAAF

XV Campeonato Iberoamericano – Barquisimeto (VEN)
Results – Day 1 (8 June 2012)
Men -
100m (-0.2)
1 Alex Quiñónez ECU 10.33
2 Sandro Viana BRA 10.42
3 Carlos Rodríguez PUR 10.60

1 Ânderson Henriques BRA 45.59
2 Williams Collazo CUB 45.80
3 Arturo Ramírez VEN 45.84

3000m Steeplechase
1 José Gregorio Peña VEN 8:37.67
2 Marvin Blanco VEN 8:45.34
3 Gládson Barbosa BRA 8:50.84

400m hurdles
1 Eric Alejandro PUR 49.36
2 Amauri Valle CUB 49.69
3 Hederson Estefani BRA 49.71

High Jump
1 Wanner Miller COL 2.28m
2 Guilherme Cobbo BRA 2.25m
3 Diego Ferrín ECU 2.25m

Long Jump
1 Georni Jaramillo VEN 8.02m/2.8 (7.69/1.7)
2 Jean Marie Okutu ESP 7.87m/-0.2
3 Rogério Bispo BRA 7.67m/1.4

Discus Throw
1 Germán Lauro ARG 63.55m
2 Ronald Julião BRA 61.67m
3 Pedro Cuesta ESP 59.77m

Decathlon (5 events)
Luiz Alberto de Araújo BRA 4105
11.09/-0.7 7.28m/1.4 14.17m 1.95m 48.49
Ânderson Venâncio BRA 3890
11.19/-0.7 6.91m/3.8 13.39m 1.95m 49.66
Tiago Marto POR 3840
11.28/-0,7 7,03m/-1,1 13.62m 1.98m 51.87

Women -
100m (-0.6)
1 Rosângela Santos BRA 11.41
2 Evelyn dos Santos BRA 11.44
3 María Alejandra Idrobo COL 11.53

1 Daysurami Bonne CUB 52.27
2 Geisa Coutinho BRA 52.66
3 Joelma Souza BRA 52.72

1 Tatiele de Carvalho BRA 9:20.07
2 Nadia Rodríguez ARG 9:23.17
3 Catarina Ribeiro POR 9:26.98

400m hurdles
1 Lucimar Teodoro BRA 56.99 (1r2)
2 Sharolyn Scott CRC 57.11 (2r2)
3 Yolanda Valerio DOM 57.15 (1r1)

3000m Steeplechase
1 Yoni Ninahuamán PER 10:24.95
2 María Mancebo DOM 10:28.86
3 Eliane Pereira BRA 10:44.36

High Jump
1 Romary Rifka MEX 1.89m
2 Aline Santos BRA 1.84m
3 Mônica de Freitas BRA 1.81m

1 Rosa Rodríguez VEN 71.76m CR
2 Jennifer Dahlgren ARG 71.23m
3 Eli Johanna Moreno COL 68.58m

1 Flor Dennis Ruiz COL 58.21m
2 Leryn Franco PAR 57.77m NR
3 Laila Silva BRA 57.14m