Lawrence Rotich running in the Kencell meeting in Kapsabet (Macharia) © Copyright
General News Kapsabet, Kenya

Rotich and Kirui shine in Kapsabet

Lawrence Rotich and Catherine Kirui won the 5000 metres titles at the two day weekend meeting (Fri 11/Sat 12June) sponsored by a Kenyan cell phone service provider Kencell Communications at Kipchoge Keino stadium.

Rotich's time was 14:11.19 while the second place was taken by Hosea Kosgei in 14:26.34 and third was Daniel Rono in 14:29.07.

Kirui, the Prague Half Marathon champion, and a sister to 1993/1995 World 5000m champion Ismael Kirui, clocked 16:29.69 beating Peris Kosgei to second place in 16:55.22. Kesses primary school girl Angela Jemasunde was third in 17:04.73.

Ruth Biwott who has been out of action for long time made a come back by finishing forth in 17:12.88 while Margaret Jepngetich was fifth in 17:17.15.

Sprinters Josephine Nyarunda and Caroline Awuor dominated the women's short races. Nyarunda and Awuor eclipsed others runners in 100m, 200m and 400m during the two-day meet where winners took home cash prizes.

The 100m title went to Awuor with Nyarunda taking the 200m and 400m titles in which races Awuor finished as runner-up.

A student at the Eldoret Polytechnic, Victor Omondi won the men's 100m dash in 10.07 beating Kibet Chirchir who clocked 10.08. Nixon Vuhaso was third in 10.10. No wind reading is currently available.

10,000 metres races were not staged to allow runners to
prepare for the national championships, which are just a week away.

Caroline Chepkwony of Mososriot won the women 800 metres in 2:14.54 beating Joyce Chelagat of Itigo who cloked 2:15.65.

The men 800m was won by Job Tanui in 1:50.59 ahead of Joseph Boit who returned 1:51.38.



Victor Omondi 10.70
Kibet Chirchir 11.08
Nixon Vuhasho 11.10.

Kibet Chirchir 21.65
Sam Kiprono 22.08
Victor Omondi 22.09.

Sammy Kiprono 48.23
Rop Kandie 48.55
Kibet Chirchir 48.70.

Tanui 1:50.59
Joseph Boit 1:51.38
Dominic Kiprono 1:52.55.

Nicholas Kiprop 3:49.41
Stanley Kipchumba 3:52.81
Daniel Koech 3:55.78.

Lawrence Rotich 14:11.19
Hosea Kosgei 14:26.34
Daniel Rono 14:29.07.

3000M s/c
James Matelong 9:10.61
Joel Chekwony 9:13.36
James Rotich 9:22.38.

ames Kotut 14.80
Amon Kiyeng 14.85
Hilary Lagat 15.30.

Julius Bungei 52.31
Mike Rop Kandie 53.09
Edwin Kibet 54.20.

Long Jump
Daniel Katonon 6.68
Stephen Tum 6.05
James Kotut 6.02.

Peter Saina 67.70
Amon Kiyeng 65.60
David Koech 64.50.

Triple Jump
Daniel Katonon 14.65
Amos Chepsongol 14.22
Edwin Keter 14.00.

Shot Put
David Limo 13.05
Johana Kipchoge 12.83
Kimeli Tanui 11.22.

Kimeli Tanui 47.87
David Limo 44.75
Johana Kipchoge 39.53.



Caroline Awuor 12.50
Josephine Nyarunda 12.81
Scholar Chepkoech 13.45.

Josephine Nyarunda 26.36
Caroline Awuor 26.56
Scholar Chepkoech 26.95.

Josephine Nyarunda 56.87
Caroline Awuor 57.93
Beatrice Chemutai 59.38.

Caroline Chepkwony 2:14.54
Joyce Chelagat 2:15.65
Trufosa Tarus 2:17.24.

Eulita Chepchirchir 4:36.81
Caroline Chemeli 4:37.75
Rebby Koech 4:38.61.

Catherine Kirui 16:29.09
Peris Kosgei 16:55.22
Angela Jemasunde 17:04.13.

2000M steeple
Evaline Chebichii 6:26.27
Lydia Kurgat 6:27.18
Pasilisa Chepleting 6:28.94.

Joyce Chelagat 16.66
Cheptoo Tireito 17.50
Irene Choge 19.19.

Joyce Chelagat 61.05
Cheptoo Tireito 61.06
Ruth Chepchirchir 61.08.

Long Jump
Jeptoo Tireito 4.80
Rael Chepchumba 4.30
Evaline Chebet 4.25.

Grace Chepkwony 40.00
Mary Cherotich 34.70
Fridah Nyangaresi 34.45.

Shot Put
Fridah Nyangaresi 11.83
Ann Too 11.56
Jane Kiptoo 11.25.

Ann Too 34.62
Loice Chepkwony 34.35
Frida Nyangaresi 33.85