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Ran through the mixed zone without commenting on his race.

I am not satisfied with the race. I cannot run good if there is wheather like this. The track is full of water. I am really sorry for Kaki. I feel good, I would really be happy to run in the final. {At that moment he did not know about his q}. We knew that just two of us will qualify and that is why the race should have been really fast. I think there will be no tactics in the final because it is going to be a fight. I am ready to defend my crown even if it is going to be very fast race, I am ready for it. Tomorrow I will take a rest and I will try.

I have no comment about what happened. I do not know what happened at 600 m - maybe I was already tired. I am going to close the season and I will see what is going to happen after. I plan to focus on both 800 and 1500 m next year.

Yes, I'm in. We stayed too long in the warm-up area. There was a delay. My body was not ready. During the race, I was not relaxed. The other get to run in front of me, I'm trying to get out of the box and then they close up again. Close to the finish I tried to squeeze my arms between them, but it didn't work. Luckily, my heat was fast.