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South American Championships, Day Two

Another day of overwhelming Brazilian dominance was seen on Saturday 23 July at the “Estadio Pascual Guerrero”, on the second day of the 43rd edition of the South American Championships.

Sixteen finals took place on this second day, and twelve of those gold medals were captured by Brazilian athletes.

Vieira flies

The best result of the day belonged to 25 year-old Erivaldo da Cruz Vieira, who leaped to 8.15m (wind of 0.3 m/s), to set a new championship record and personal best.

Vieira had won the Troféu Brasil last 17 June with 7.96m, and had a previous best of 8.09m, set in Bogotá on 2 July, but had not yet qualified for the 2005 World Championships in Helsinki. This is the first time he has achieved the “B” Standard, and the Brazilian Confederation requires obtaining the “B” mark in 2 separate meets in order to be selected for Helsinki.

Thiago Jacinto Dias, the 2001 IAAF World Youth Champion, seems to be on his way to recover his best form, and was second with a season’s best of 7.93 metres, only 4 centimetres short of his pb, set in 2002. Venezuelan Esteban Copland was third with a leap of 7.92 meters.

Wind erases good sprinting results

The early part of the evening had both 200m finals, but unfortunately, the wind was too strong.

Thirty-two year old André Domingos da Silva won his second 200m South American title with a 20.33 mark that was aided by a 4.9 m/s wind. Still, with the victory, da Silva earned his second gold medal of the weekend after winning the 100m on Friday. His particular collection would then be increased to 3, after the Brazilian victory in the 4x100m relay with a time of 39.17.

In the 200m, da Silva was escorted by Uruguayan Heber Viera with 20.62 and Geronimo Goeloe from the Nederland Antilles (20.80).

The women’s 200 also saw a double winner, Lucimar de Moura. The 31-year-old ran in 22.98, but was also pushed by a strong wind of 5.0 m/s. This was Moura’s second title at the distance.

Colombian Felipa Palacios was third with 23.14, the same time as Venezuelan Wilmaris Álvarez, who was third.

Costa interrupts García’s string of victories at Pole Vault

In the women’s Pole Vault, Argentinean Alejandra García, a finalist at the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, was the heavy favourite, especially after taking 4 of the 5 titles in this discipline that has been contested at the Championships since 1995.

3 fouls at 4 metres by the 32 year-old Argentinean left the door open for her successors. The best of those was 23 year-old Brazilian Joana Costa, who saw her chance and took the victory with a jump of 4.20m.

Colombian 4x100 runs 43.17 and will be in Helsinki

Among the 4 “non-Brazilian” victories on Saturday, perhaps the most remarkable of those was the one by the Colombian 4x100 women’s relay.

Colombia, always powerful in the female sprints, set a Championship record with a time of 43.17. The team was composed by Melisa Murillo, Felipa Palacios, Darlenys Obregón and Norma González, who now are qualified for Helsinki.

Another of those “non-Brazilian” victories came in the Decathlon, when Chilean Jorge Naranjo, in his third-ever multi-event, won bettering his own national record with 7489 points, a performance that was anchored by a good 5.20m vault. The 23 year-old from Santiago is a former vaulter with a 5.32 personal best.

The other winners of day 2 were: Mariano Mastromarino, Argentina, in the 3000m Steeplechase (9:02.89), with, so far provided the only gold by his country; Tiago Bueno, Brazil, in the 400m Hurdles (50.87); Patrícia Lobo, Brazil, in the 3000m Steeplechase (10:36.21); Perla dos Santos in the 400m Hurdles (58.33); Luciana Alves dos Santos, Brazil, in the Long Jump (6.39); Andréa Pereira, Brazil, who cut a string of six victories in a row by compatriot Elisângela Adriano in the Shot Put with a mark of 16.60; Alessandra Resende, Brazil, in the Javelin Throw with a season’s best of 56.06; 34 year-old veteran Elizete Gomes da Silva of Brazil, who won her second title in the Heptathlon with 5429 points, and Colombian Sandra Zapata, who took the 20,000m Walk in 1:40:54.2.

Eduardo Biscayart for the IAAF

The competition ends on Sunday, 24 July, with 13 finals.

Results – Day 2 (23 July)


200m (4.9 m/s)
1 André Domingos da Silva BRA 20.33
2 Heber Viera URU 20.62
3 Geronimo Goeloe AHO 20.80

3000m Steeplechase
1 Mariano Mastromarino ARG 9:02.89
2 Fernando Alex Fernandes BRA 9:04.46
3 Sergio Lobos CHI 9:08.59

400m Hurdles
1 Tiago Florêncio Bueno BRA 50.87
2 Víctor Solarte VEN 51.00
3 Cleverson da Silva BRA 52.32

Long Jump
1 Erivaldo Viera BRA 8.15/0.3 CR
2 Thiago Jacinto Dias BRA 7.93/0.8
3 Esteban Copland VEN 7.92/1.3

1 Brazil 39.17
André Domingos da Silva, Jorge Célio Sena, José Carlos Moreira, Vicente de Lima
2 Colombia 39.85
Daniel Grueso, Harlin Echavarría, Edwar Mena, Nicoll Navas
3 Ecuador 40.45
Andrés Gallegos, Oscar Mina, Hugo Chila, Luis Morán,

1 Jorge Naranjo CHI 7489
11.37/-0.6 7.43/0.0 12.98 2.08 50.89
15.04/-0.1 32.64 5.20 41.11 4:39.83
2 Ivan Caetano da Silva BRA 7437
11.40/-0.6 6.90/0.1 13.10 1.96 48.90
14.91/-0.1 40.53 4.50 52.96 4:46.59
3 Andrés Mantilla COL 7383
11.30/-0.6 6.82/0.0 13.65 1.99 49.69
14.77/-0.1 42.23 4.00 49.73 4:37.33


200m (5.0)
1 Lucimar de Moura BRA 22.98
2 Felipa Palacios COL 23.14
3 Wilmaris Álvarez VEN 23.14

3000m Steeplechase
1 Patrícia Lobo BRA 10:36.21
2 Mónica Amboya ECU   10:43.67
3 Yolanda Caballero COL 10:48.36

400m Hurdles
1 Perla Regina dos Santos BRA 58.33
2 Lucimar Teodoro BRA 59.27
3 Lucy Jaramillo ECU 59.78

Pole Vault
1 Joana Costa BRA 4.20
2 Fabiana Murer BRA 4.00
3 Milena Agudelo COL 4.00

Long Jump
1 Luciana Alves dos Santos BRA 6.39/0.1
2 Keila Costa BRA 6.32/-1.3
3 Caterine Ibargüen COL 6.30/-3.0

Shot Put
1 Andréa Maria Pereira BRA 16.60
2 Luz Dary Castro COL 16.27
3 Rosario Ramos VEN 14.67

1 Alessandra Resende BRA 56.06
2 Zuleima Araméndiz COL 54.81
3 Romina Maggi ARG 48.76

1 Elizete Marques da Silva BRA 5429
14.8/-0.9 1.64 11.69 24.87/-0.6
5.92/0.3 41.28 2:25.33
2 Andrea Bordalejo ARG 5249
14.4/-0.9 1.64 11.31 25.81/-0.6
5.81/0.2 34.66 2:22.58
3 Daniela Crespo ARG 5170
14.9/-0.9 1.76 8.34 25.36/-0.6
5.59/0.0 32.25 2:14.59

1 Colombia 43.17 CR
Melisa Murillo, Felipa Palacios, Darlenys Obregón, Norma González
2 Brasil 44.35
Luciana Alves dos Santos, Lucimar Moura, Raquel da Costa, Tathiana Ignácio
3 Chile 45.37
María José Echeverría, Fernanda Mackenna, Nicole Manríquez, Daniela Riderelli

20000m Walk
1 Sandra Zapata COL 1:40:54.2
2 Tatiana Orellana ECU   1:45:12.4
3 Gianetti Bonfim BRA 1:48:16.1