Li Zhang of China wins the Girls' Javelin Throw at the World Youth Championships (Getty Images) © Copyright
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Strong Chinese team for Beijing

The Chinese Athletics Federation announced a team of 79 athletes to compete in the IAAF World Junior Championships which will take place in Beijing from 15-20 August.

Among the 39 male and 40 female athletes all five of the country’s World Youth gold medallists from last year are present.

Gu Biwei won the girl’s High Jump final in Marrakech and is currently fifth in the year’s World Junior list with a best performance of 1.89m. Her team-mate Xingjuan Zheng is currently the World Junior leader with 1.92m and has also been selected to compete in Beijing.

A winner of the Triple Jump gold medal in Marrakech, Sha Li is ranked second in the world list with 13.85m while Zhang Li who won the Javelin Throw final in the Moroccan country last year is also second in the World Junior list behind team-member Lingwei Li.

Among the men, Huang Haiqiang who won the boy’s High Jump gold medal in a Championships record of 2.27m in Marrakech will defend his country’s chances with an improved personal best of 2.28m.

Yang Yansheng winner of China’s fifth gold in Marrakech has what it takes to finish among the finalists in the men’s Pole Vault as he stands as the second best junior of the year behind defending world junior silver medallist German Chiaraviglio of Argentina. 

China reached a total of 5 gold medals, 1 silver and 2 bronze at last year’s IAAF World Youth Championships. An encouraging result which should help improve the country’s final standing at the last edition of the IAAF World Junior Championships of 1 gold, 5 silver and 2 bronze from Grosseto, Italy.

The country’s best result in the history of the World Junior Championships is 8 gold, 3 silver and 3 bronze reached at the 1992 Seoul World Junior Championships.

Chinese team


YIN Hualong 8/22/1987 100 Metres 4x100 Metres Relay
LIANG Jiahong 3/6/1988 100 Metres 4x100 Metres Relay
CHEN Yibo 2/14/1989 200 Metres 4x100 Metres Relay
ZHANG Peimeng 3/13/1987 200 Metres 4x100 Metres Relay
GUO Jian 1/12/1987 400 Metres 4x400 Metres Relay
LI Jinlong 1/14/1987 400 Metres 4x400 Metres Relay
GENG Chao 1/15/1989 800 Metres 
GAO Jie 1/15/1987 1500 Metres 
ZHANG Guolin 1/2/1987 1500 Metres 
HUANG Dali 1/23/1989 5000 Metres 
ZHAO Bing 6/13/1989 5000 Metres 
REN Longyun 10/12/1987 10,000 Metres 
HUANG Jinhong 3/27/1987 10,000 Metres 
LIN Xiangqian 1/27/1987 3000 Metres Steeplechase 
YANG Le 4/9/1987 3000 Metres Steeplechase 
HONG Xiaofeng 2/5/1988 110 Metres Hurdles 
LI Haolun 6/15/1988 110 Metres Hurdles 
YU Zipei 2/1/1988 400 Metres Hurdles 4x400 Metres Relay
WANG Mupeng 11/25/1988 400 Metres Hurdles 4x400 Metres Relay
BO Xiangdong 10/1/1987 10,000Metres Race Walk 
HUANG Zhengyi 8/14/1988 10,000Metres Race Walk 
HUANG Haiqiang 2/8/1988 high jump  
GAO Wenbo 6/16/1988 high jump  
YANG Yansheng 1/5/1988 Pole Vault 
LI Kang 7/16/1987 Pole Vault 
ZHANG Xiaoyi 5/25/1989 Long Jump 
ZHANG Youzhi 7/27/1987 Long Jump 
ZHONG Minwei 4/9/1987 Triple Jump 
DONG Bin 11/22/1988 Triple Jump 
GUO Yanxiang 1/29/1987 Shot Put 
WANG Guangpu 11/15/1987 Shot Put 
HU Tai 4/18/1988 Discus Throw 
HOU Wei 3/24/1987 Discus Throw 
LI Yu 3/9/1987 Javelin Throw 
WANG Qingbo 5/24/1988 Javelin Throw 
QI Dakai 5/23/1987 Hammer Throw 
SHAN Changcheng 12/14/1988 Hammer Throw 
ZHU Hengjun 2/5/1987 Men Decathlon  
LIU Haibo 3/17/1987 Men Decathlon  


MA Xiaoyan 2/3/1987 100 Metres 4x100 Metres Relay
LIANG Qiuping 3/11/1988 100 Metres 4x100 Metres Relay
CHEN Jue 3/23/1988 200 Metres 4x100 Metres Relay
WANG Jing 3/26/1988 200 Metres 4x100 Metres Relay
LI Xueji 1/25/1988 400 Metres 4x400 Metres Relay
WEN Xiuyun 10/16/1988 400 Metres 4x400 Metres Relay
HUANG Jing 4/4/1987 800 Metres 
TONG Xiaomei 1/23/1989 800 Metres 
JIN Yuan 2/11/1988 1500 Metres 
LI Yong 6/18/1988 1500 Metres 
SONG Liwei 6/16/1988 3000 Metres 
LI Suyun 9/3/1989 3000 Metres 
XUE Fei 8/8/1989 5000 Metres 
BAI Xue 12/13/1988 5000 Metres 
WANG Huan 1/12/1989 3000 Metres Steeplechase 
QIE Liping 1/12/1987 3000 Metres Steeplechase 
ZHANG Hongpei 4/4/1987 100 Metres Hurdles 
JIANG Yanhua 6/28/1987 100 Metres Hurdles 
CHEN Yumei 1/10/1988 400 Metres Hurdles 4x400 Metres Relay
WANG Hui 6/1/1987 400 Metres Hurdles 4x400 Metres Relay
LIU Hong 5/12/1987 10,000Metres Race Walk 
CHAI Xue 10/21/1988 10,000Metres Race Walk 
ZHENG Xingjuan 3/20/1989 high jump 
GU Biwei 2/17/1988 high jump 
ZHOU Yang 5/16/1988 Pole Vault 
LI Ling 7/6/1989 Pole Vault 
ZHANG Yuan 2/9/1987 Long Jump 
ZHANG Lan 2/27/1988 Long Jump 
SHA Li 8/14/1988 Triple Jump 
TAO Yujia 2/16/1987 Triple Jump 
LI Li 2/24/1987 Shot Put 
LIU Yingfan 2/9/1987 Shot Put 
TAN Jian 1/20/1988 Discus Throw 
PAN Saili 12/4/1988 Discus Throw 
LI Lingwei 1/26/1989 Javelin Throw 
ZHANG Li 1/17/1989 Javelin Throw 
HAO Shuai 7/19/1987 Hammer Throw 
WANG Zheng 12/14/1987 Hammer Throw 
SONG Lijuan 2/2/1987 Women Heptathlon  
WEI Xiaobin 1/12/1987 Women Heptathlon