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General News Tilburg, The Netherlands)

Super fast Kamais 27:09 and Tufa 31:15 win over 10km in Tilburg

Road races courses in The Netherlands are mostly flat and therefore fast. It was proven again in Tilburg in the southern part of The Netherlands today (6) when Kenyan Peter Kamais clocked the second fastest time of the year on the 10 kilometres with an impressive 27:09.

Only his compatriot Micah Kipkemboi Kogo was faster this year with the World record he clocked with 27:01. Kogo scored this time also in The Netherlands in Brunssum on March 29. Haile Gebrselassie (Eth, 27:02, Doha 2002), Joseph Kimani (Ken, 27:07, Atlanta, 1996) and Kogo (27:07, Brunssum. 2007) were ever faster than Kamais.

The 33-year-old Kamais started very fast on this nearly windless day. He passed the 5km marker in 13:23 minutes. At that point he was already six seconds faster than his compatriot Silas Kiplagat with whom he got off to a blistering start. In the second part of the race Kamais took another 45 seconds out of Kiplagat, who finished second in 28:00. Two other Africans finished third and fourth. Cosmas Kigen of Kenya took third place in 28:27 and  Stephen Kiprotich (Uga) was fourth in 28:30. Martin Lauret became Dutch champion finishing sixth in 28:54.

The women’s only race over 10 kilometres was a double Ethiopian success. Mestawat Tufa won in 31:15. Last year she was also the fastest in 31:48. Belaynesh Fikadu finished second in 31:23. Ines Monteiro of Portugal took third place in 32:05.

Halfway Tufa and Fikadu clocked 15:48 with Monteiro, Gladys Otero (Ken) and Hungarian Aniko Kalovics four seconds back. 

10 Miles

Abiyote Guta of Ethiopia won the men only race over 10 Miles for the second year in a row. He clocked a winning time of 46:08. Last year he finished in 46:02. His intermediate time were: 14:24-28:48-43:26 (15,1 kms).

Fred Kosgei of Keneya finihes second twelve seconds back. Third place went to John Korir, also Kenya, in 46:20.

Wim van Hemert for the IAAF


10 kms International and Dutch championships


1. Peter Kamais                   KEN 27:09
2. Silas Kiplagat      KEN        28:00
3. Cosmas Kigen                 KEN        28:27
4. Stephen Kiprotich           UGA        28:30
5. Christian Belz                 SWI         28:48
6. Martin Lauret                  NED        28:54  Dutch champion
7. Koen Raymaekers           NED        29:01
8. Patrick Stitzinger            NED        29:12

1.Mestewat Tufa ETH 31:15
2. Belaynesh Fikadu ETH 31:23
3. Ines Monteiro POR 32:05
4. Gladys Otero KEN 32:36
5. Aniko Kalovics HUN 32:51
6. Jacqueline Nyetipei KEN 32:57
7. Maria Sig Moller DEN 33:11
8.Veerle Dejaeghere BEL 33:34

...11. Merel de Knegt NED 34:01 Dutch champion

10 Miles

Men (only)

1. Abiyote Guta ETH 46:08
2. Frad Kosgei KEN 46:20
3. John Korir KEN 46:50
4. Essa Rashid QAT 47:43
5. Stephen Chelimo KEN 48:04
6. Reuben Chebii KEN 48:12
7. Simon Kamau KEN 48:14
8. Patrick Ryan Tomanek USA 48:28