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General News Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Tadesse takes double, while Burka and Ejigu are defeated in Addis Ababa

World Junior Cross Country bronze medallist Mestawat Tadesse completed a remarkable double in the women’s 800m and 1500m at the 21st Addis Ababa Municipal Athletics Championships here on Sunday 25 April).

The championships, which are used to select athletes from the municipality who will take part in the forthcoming Ethiopian Athletics Championships, were held over a nine-day period (17 - 25 April - daily results below) with runners drawn from 34 clubs across the city taking part.

Tadesse double 

The championships were highlighted by Tadesse, who was running in the colours of the Banks club, which has also been responsible for the development of some of Ethiopia's well known stars like Gebregziabher Gebremariam, Assefa Mezgebu, and Werknesh Kidane.

The 16-year old, who was also in the Ethiopian team that won the junior women's team title in Brussels two months ago, won the women's 800m on 19 April in a time of 2:05.40 from Meseret Worku and Lensa Kumsa.

Two days later, the Addis Ababa-born runner completed her double out sprinting 2003 World Junior Cross Country Bronze medallist Gelete Burka in the 1500m with Felegehiwot Shiferaw coming in third place.

With both defending champion Kutre Dulecha and World junior cross country champion Meselech Melkamu opting to miss the championships, Tadesse completed the first double at both distances in the championships history.

In the shock of the championships, Etalemahu Kidane won the 1st Division Women's 5000m beating Sintayehu Ejigu, a former World junior championships silver medallist, into second, and Bezunesh Bekele, a member of the Ethiopian team in the Brussels World Cross Country championships, third, clearly feeling the strains of exchanging the mud of the cross with the fast pace of the track.

Other surprises

There were a few other surprises in the nine-day championships as well as some of the country's more familiar stars were given a lesson in altitude running. African Junior 3000m Steeplechase champion Abraham Kabeto easily defended his title 4:04.02 from Maru Daba.

Banks Club athlete Leaynet Alemu failed to repeat her achievement of last year where she had won 100m, 200, and 4x100m relay, but still managed to defend two of her titles and finishing third in the 200m.

Abiyot Abebe of the Rental Houses also won two titles taking 800m and 1500m titles.

The runners who finished in the top three will now remain in capital for the Ethiopian Athletics Championships due to start next week.

Elshadai Negash for the IAAF 

21st Addis Ababa Municipal Athletics Championships

Official Final Results

Day 1- April 17 2004

2nd Division Men's Shot Put

1. Bisrat Wolde-cheros (Entoto Terrara) 9.95m
2. Beshir Sheba (Tigist Fere) 9.91m
3. Yeshitella Tarekegne (Negash) 9.65m

2nd Division Women's Shot Put

1. Desta Abdissa (Aneniskanen) 7.31m
2. Genet Teferra (S.I.M) 7.06m
3. Amelework Getachew (Tigist Fere) 6.84m

1st Division Women's 10000m

1. Ashu Kasim (Prisons) 34:31.65
2. Werkitu Ayana (Banks) 34:45.92
3. Derebe Alemu (Banks) 34:48.75

Day 2- April 18 2004

1st Division Men's Shot Put

1. Sisay Mekonnen (Prisons) 12:79
2. Wondwossen Mandefro (Prisons) 11:52
3. Tsegaye Wolde-senbet (Defense) 11:36

1st Division Women's Shot Put

1. Debritu Tilahun (Banks) 10.66m
2. Zewdenesh Beshah (Prisons) 10.66m
3. Roman Abera (Banks) 10.35m

1st Division Men's Long Jump

1. Negussie Gechamo (Prisons) 6.66m
2. Germaye Gebretsadik (Defense) 6.64m
3. Solomon Benti (Defense) 6.45m

1st Division Women's Long Jump

1. Emebet Tilahun (Banks) 5.35m
2. Tadelech Erwero (Banks) 5.15m
3. Weyneshet Eka (Banks) 4.86m

Day 3- April 19 2004

2nd Division Men's Javelin

1. Worku Dibaba (Negash) 56.85m
2. Abebe Yitbarek (Lafto) 48.13m
3. Beyes Dechassa (Tigist Fere) 47.18m

2nd Division Women's Javelin

1. Elfenesh Melaku (Lafto) 23.65m
2. Elsabeth Abera (Tigist Fere) 23.17m
3. Senke Abreha (Fere Tsega) 22.39m 

2nd Division Men's 200m

1. Debebe Kinfe (Lafto) 22:97
2. Wondwossen Woldetinsay (Lafto) 23:20
3. Endrias Menbere (Unity University) 23:52

2nd Division Women's 200m

1. Addisalem Belay (Bertat) 26:94
2. Bezayat Semee (Unity University) 27:00
3. Lamrot Bayissa (Admas) 27:45

1st Division Women's 200m 

1. Ayneaddis Tessema (EEPCO) 25.46
2. Atkilt Webshet (Banks) 25.94
3. Leaynet Alemu (Banks) 25.99

1st Division Men's 200m

1. Tadesse Alemu (Defense) 21.90
2. Aman Osman (Defense) 22.30
3. Alemayehu Adebo (Banks) 22.40

1st Division Men's 800m

1. Ashenafi Hailu (Banks) 1.49.01 min
2. Seifu Nefse (Banks) 1.49.20 min
3. Berhanu Geteta (Prisons) 1.49.81 min

1st Division Women's 800m

1. Mestawot Tadesse (Banks) 2:05.40
2. Meseret Worku (Rental Houses) 2.08.53
3. Lensa Kumsa (Banks) 2.08.91

2nd Division Women's 10000m

1. Almaz Gebremariam (Unity University) 35:52.04
2. Amina Denboba (Negash) 35:36.98
3. Zerfe Worku (Negash) 36:10.43

Day 4- April 19 2004

2nd Division Men's Triple Jump

1. Wondwossen Woldetensay (Lafto) 3.20
2. Derebew Tadesse (Admas) 3.16
3. Temesgen Tamerat (Tigist Fere) 2.22

2nd Division Women's Triple Jump

1. Tsege Abdissa (Lafto)
2. Yetemwork Tafesse (Lafto)
3. Rahel Getachew (Tegen)

2nd Division Men's Hammer

1. Mesfin Getachew (Lafto) 15.10
2. Debebe Negash (Tigist Fere) 15.08
3. Tewodros Mulugeta (Lafto) 11.76

1st Division Men's Hammer

1. Wondwossen Mandefro (Prisons) 23.65m
2. Diro Tola (Defense) 23.33m
3. Sisay Mekonnen (Prisons) 23.23m

1st Division Men's 10000m

1. Abera Chane (Tegen) 29:13.54
2. Solomon Molla (Banks) 29:15.14
3. Zenbaba Yegezu (Defense) 29:16.70

Day 5- April 21' 2004

1st Division Women's Javelin

1. Abaynesh Sisay (Banks) 40.90m
2. Aynalem Tekabe (Banks) 38.88m
3. Tadelech Regassa (Prisons) 35.59m

2nd Division Men's High Jump

1. Demelash Tesfaye (Tigist Fere)
2. Tewodros Kassahun (Tigist Fere)
3. Gemechu Hussein (Tigist Fere)

2nd Division Women's High Jump

1. Rahel Mitiku (Admas)
2. Alemnesh Regassa (Negash)
3. Yelfashewa Getachew (Tigist Fere)

2nd Division Men's 1500m

1. Abiyot Abebe (Rental Houses)
2. Dereje Tolcha (Amudias)
3. Shimeles Girma (Bertat)

2nd Division Women's 1500m

1. Emebet Eta'a (Aneniskanen) 4.34.63
2. Mahlet Melesse (Andinet Anti-AIDS) 4.36.22
3. Zelalem Bekele (Bertat) 4.36.79

2nd Division Men's 4x100m Relay

1. Lafto
2. Bertat
3. Admas

2nd Division Women's 4x100m Relay

1. Desalegne 52.91
2. Bertat 53.87
3. Admas 54.72

2nd Division Men's 4x400m Relay

1. Bertat 3.20.33
2. Fere Tsega 3.24.77
3. Negash 3.25.69

2nd Division Women's 4x400m Relay

1. Bertat 4.03.93
2. Tegen 4.07.46
3. Fere Tsega 4.08.60

1st Division Men's 3000m Steeplechase

1. Abraham Kabeto (Banks) 4:04.02
2. Maru Daba (Banks) 4:09.21
3. Tesfaye Deriba (Prisons) 4:12.62

2nd Division Men's 800m 

1. Abiyot Abebe (Rental Houses)
2. Kebede Chala (Bertat)
3. Dereje Tolossa (Amudias) 

2nd Division Women's 800m

1. Selamawit Mekuria (Unity University) 57.33
2. Desta Girma (Bertat) 58.95
3. Wessene Daba (Bertat) 59.17

1st Division Women's 800m

1. Mestawot Tadesse (Banks) 2.05.40
2. Meseret Worku (Rental Houses) 2.08.53
3. Lensa Kumsa (Banks) 2.08.91

1st Division Men's 800m

1. Ashenafi Hailu (Banks) 1:49.01
2. Seifu Nefse (Banks) 1:49.20
3. Berhanu Gedeta (Prisons) 1:49.81

Day 6- Thursday, April 22 2004

1st Division Men's 20km Walk

1. Yohannes Eka (Defense) 1:40.04
2. Getachew Demisse (Defense) 1:40.38
3. Ayele Hitsan (Prisons) 1:40.52

2nd Division Men's 20km Walk

1. Mesfin Shibeshi (Admas) 1:51.58
2. Alemayehu Hundesa (Negash) 1:54.06
3. Asrat Bogale (Tigist Fere) 1:55.54

2nd Division Women's Discus

1. Bezuayehu Anbachew (Fere Tsega)
2. Aberash Muleta (Yeshola Fere)
3. Zuzeya Abawagi (Lafto)

2nd Division Men's Discus

1. Cheru Kuma (Negash)
2. Bisrat Markos (Entoto Terara)
3. Mekonnen Woldemichael (Hani)

1st Division Women's Triple Jump

1. Emebet Tilahun (Banks) 11.49
2. Tadelech Erwero (Banks) 11.48
3. Weyneshet Eka (Banks) 10.46

1st Division Men's Triple Jump

1. Galwak Garist (Defense) 14.35m
2. Gezenew Mitiku (Omedla) 13.63m
3. Solomon Benti (Defense) 13.30m

1st Division Women's 1500m

1. Mestawot Tadesse (Banks) 4.26.00
2. Gelete Burka (Prisons) 4.26.53
3. Felegehiwot Shiferaw (Prisons) 4.27.16

2nd Division Women's 5000m

1. Amina Denboba (Negash) 16.47.06
2. Almaz Gebremariam (Unity University) 16.52.96
3. Weyneshet Abebe (Lafto) 17.01.75

1st Division Women's 100m Hurdles

1. Aynalem Demisse (Prisons) 17.32
2. Netsanet Bekele (Banks) 17.62
3. Abaynesh Yeshewasew (Banks) 18.06

2nd Division Women's 100m Hurdles

1. China Keder (Admas) 18.83
2. Werknesh Mengistu (Addis Fana) 19.15
3. Fantaye Sisay (Desalegne) 19.30

2nd Division Men's 5000m

1. Solomon Tsege (St. George) 14.07.59
2. Abraham Cherkos (Bertat) 14.08.46
3. Alemayehu Geleta (Lafto) 14.09.85

Day 7- Saturday April 24 2004

1st Division Men's Discus

1. Tsegaye Woldesenbet (Defense) 35.71
2. Mohammed Ali (Defense) 32.20
3. Tsegaye Werdofa (Omedla) 27.05

1st Division Women's Discus

1. Meresit Gebretsadik (Banks) 33.78m
2. Aynalem Tekabe (Omedla) 31.00m
3. Debritu Tilahun (Banks) 30.65

1st Division Men's High Jump

1. Ujulu Utuha (Defense) 1.87m
2. Agula Ubang (Defense) 1.87m
3. Rahmeto Shehbo (Defense) 1.28m

2nd Division Men's 110m Hurdles 

1. Derebew Tadesse (Admas) 16.81
2. Yassin Kedir (Fere Tsega) 16.56
3. Habtamu Fisseha (Bertat) 17.39

1st Division Men's 110m Hurdles 

1. Ubang Abaya (Defense) 14.86
2. Getachew Alemu (Prisons) 14.95
3. Solomon Tesfaye (Defense) 15.06

1st Division Men's 100m

1. Mehari Gelelcha (Banks) 10.79
2. Nigussie Getchamo (Prisons) 10.88
3. Aman Osman (Defense) 10.95

1st Division Women's 100m 

1. Leaynet Alemu (Banks) 12:18sec
2. Mertnesh Tesfaye (Prisons) 12:33sec
3. Atkilt Webshet (Banks) 12:53sec

2nd Division Men's 100m

1. Endrias Menbere (Unity University) 11.44
2. Wondwossen Woldetensay (Lafto) 11.67
3. Endalew Ayechew (Addis Fana) 11.68

2nd Division Women's 100m

1. Yamrot Bayissa (Admas) 13.35
2. AddisAlem Belay (Bertat) 13.53
3. Etaferahu Debela (Desalegne) 13.74

1st Division Women's 3000m

1. Gelete Burka (Prisons)
2. Belaynesh Fekadu (EEPCO)
3. Alemgena Bezabeh (Omedla)

2nd Division Women's 3000m

1. Debebu Gelaw (Bertat)
2. Amani Seid (Bertat)
3. Emebet Bekele (Amudias)

Day 8- Sunday April 25 2004

1st Division Men's Javelin

1. Anteneh Tameru (Defense)
2. Diro Tola (Defense)
3. Abdissa Tadesse (Defense)

1st Division Women's High Jump

1. Haimanot Bekele (Prisons)
2. Habeghan Mengistu (Banks)
3. Mekdes Bekele (Prisons)

2nd Division Men's 400m

1. Eshetu Zewde (Bertat) 49.37
2. Berhanu Germaye (Rental Houses) 49.69
3. Amina Nadew (Negash) 50.62

2nd Division Women's 400m

1. Abeba Megersa (Hani) 57.33
2. Konjit Debele (Desalegne) 58.95
3. Wessene Daba (Bertat) 27.45

1st Division Men's 5000m

1. Hussein Adenew (Banks)
2. Dagne Alemu (Omedla)
3. Sahle Wargaw (Omedla)

1st Division Women's 5000m

1. Etalemahu Kidane (Omedla)
2. Sintayehu Ejigu (Banks)
3. Bezunesh Bekele (Banks)

2nd Division Men's 3000m Steeplechase

1. Habte Dibaba (Unity University)
2. Achewatch Bireda (Fere Tsega)
3. Abraham Gebremedhin (Unity University)

1st Division Men's 1500m

1. Samuel Dadi (Prisons) 3:43.41
2. Seifu Nefse (Banks) 3:44.08
3. Adugna Assefa (Prisons) 3:45.49

2nd Division Women's 800m

1. Selamawit Mekuria (Unity University) 2.12.17
2. Desta Girma (Bertat) 2.13.00
3. Mahlet Melesse (Andinet Fere) 2.13.94

1st Division Women's 4x100m

1. Banks
3. Prisons

1st Division Men's 4x100m

1. Banks
2. Defense

Overall Titles

1st Division Club Champions
Men- Defense 
Women- Banks

2nd Division Club Champions
Men- Tigist Fere
Women- Bertat

Overall Team Champions
1st Division- Banks
2nd Division- Bertat

Results Translated and compiled by Elshadai Negash