Newly crowned World Record holder Anita Wlodarczyk of Poland with her record distance at the IAAF World Championships in Berlin (Getty Images) © Copyright
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TDK and Toyota to support Daegu $100,000 World Record Programme

With now only 10 days to go to the start of the IAAF World Championships in Daegu, Korea, one of the most important global sporting events of the year, athletes are fine tuning their preparation ahead of what is their major target of the summer.

Some athletes like 3-time defending champion Usain Bolt of Jamaica are actually already in Korea as part of their national training camps.

Bolt was the undisputed star of the 2009 IAAF World Championships in Berlin where not only did he win 3 gold medals but he also broke the World records in the men’s 100 and 200m finals.

For each of these latter performances, Bolt was rewarded with an additional World record bonus of $100,000 presented with the support of two of the IAAF’s partners, TDK (for the men’s events) and Toyota (for the women’s events).

Poland’s Anita Wlodarczyk was also presented with a World Record Award in Berlin following her 77.96 World record in the women’s Hammer Throw final.

Once again, the IAAF is proud to present its World Record Programme at the Daegu World Championships where Athletes achieving a World Record will be eligible for a special World Record Award of $100,000 offered by Toyota and TDK.

The performance must be an improvement on the existing IAAF World Record. Performances which equal the existing IAAF World Record will not be eligible for a World Record Award.


The IAAF is also proud to confirm its Prize money structure for the IAAF World Championships for individual events, relays and Marathon Cup Standings as follows:

Individual Events

Winner: US$ 60,000; Silver Medallist: US$ 30,000; Bronze medallist: US$ 20,000; fourth place: US$ 15,000; fifth place: US$ 10,000; sixth place: US$ 6,000; seventh place: US$ 5,000; eighth place: US$ 4,000


Winners: US$ 80,000; Silver Medallists: US$ 40,000; Bronze Medallists: US$ 20,000; fourth place: US$ 16,000; fifth place: US$ 12,000; sixth place: US$ 8,000; seventh place: US$ 6,000; eighth place: US$ 4,000

Marathon Cup (Teams)

Winners: US$ 20,000; Silver Medallists: US$ 15,000; Bronze medallists: US$ 12,000; fourth place: US$ 10,000; fifth place: US$ 8,000; sixth place: US$ 6,000