IAAF Delegation at the Gukchae-bosang Memorial Park, the proposed starting point of the road events (IAAF.org) © Copyright
General News Daegu, Korea

Technical Delegates discuss Competition Timetable for Daegu 2011

The IAAF, the Local Organising Committee and the major broadcasting stakeholders concluded discussions on the competition timetable for the IAAF World Championships, Daegu 2011, on the occasion of the 2nd Technical Delegates’ Site Visit in the host city on 3/4 February.

The timetable will now be revised and reviewed once again by all concerned stakeholders, and will be presented to the IAAF Council at the 13th IAAF World Indoor Championships in Doha, Qatar, on 15/16 March.

Key participants for the meeting included Technical Delegates Bill Bailey, Cesar Moreno, and Chunde Shen; IAAF Officials Paul Hardy, Luis Carulla, and Carlo De Angeli; AMS Director Nigel Swinscoe; Takuji Matsumoto representing Dentsu TV; Masamichi Amano and Grier Patterson on behalf of the Tokyo Broadcasting System; IEC Director for TV Properties Nick Haigh; Seong-Kil Kim from the Korea Broadcasting System; and LOC Vice President & Secretary General Dong-Hoo Moon heading the Daegu delegation.

Despite the diversity of the participants, the IAAF praised the stakeholders for putting aside their different agendas in the best interest of developing an “impactful and exciting” competition timetable.

“The meeting was cordial and very productive,” said Moon.  “I am positive that the competition timetable will be an attractive package for Daegu citizens and the global athletics family.”

A day earlier, the Technical Delegates and the IAAF Competitions Officials had a firsthand tour of the revised proposals for the Marathon and Race Walk courses.  Benchmarking the success of Berlin 2009 and following the IAAF’s request, the LOC proposed looped courses covering popular locations in the city centre.

The IAAF delegation also toured the Daegu Stadium for an update on the room allocations, in particular the Post Event Control Centre and the athletes’ flows.  The City Government and the LOC have commissioned refurbishments to the stadium and other training facilities, in the bid to provide the most conducive competition and training environment for athletes.

On 5 February, the LOC also discussed marketing matters with Carulla and Swinscoe, who attended a meeting on the draft designs of the Official Mascot and Official Poster.  The mascot is expected to be unveiled on 14 April.

The LOC will present its progress report to the IAAF Council in Doha on 16 March.  The IAAF World Championships, Daegu 2011 will be held on 27 August to 4 September 2011.

LOC for Daegu 2011

Full Photo caption - IAAF Delegation at the Gukchae-bosang Memorial Park, the proposed starting point of the road events

(From left) Dong-Hoo Moon (LOC Vice President & Secretary General), Dong-Jin Oh (KAAF President), Sang-Nam Nam (KAAF Secretary General), Rocky Park (IAAF Council Member), Won-Kun Hwang (LOC Vice Secretary General), Cesar Moreno (IAAF Council Member and Technical Delegate), Bill Bailey (IAAF Council Member and Technical Delegate), Chunde Shen (Technical Delegate), Paul Hardy (IAAF Competitions Director), and Carlo De Angeli (IAAF Competitions Senior Manager)