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The Kiwis are heading north

The New Zealanders are heading for Poland
Raoul Leoni for the IAAF

The Southern Hemisphere season now drawing to a close, Barry Hint on the New Zealand Federation web site has compiled some interesting results from under 18 "Kiwis" who will be participating in the World Youth Championships in Bydgoszcz, Poland. Young sprinter David Falealili (born in 1982) has recorded times of 10.86 and 21.76, and Taylor Davis (1983) threw a 700g javelin a distance of 56.65m. The most promising however would appear to a young middle distance runner, Delmelza Murrihy (born 20 March 1984) who has run 800m in 2:08.07, the 1500m in 9:41.28 and the 3000m in 9:41.28. She may most certainly aspire to being a world medallist in Poland, as is also the case for Andrea Miller (1982) with 13.86 over the 100m hurdles recorded last February. Spotlight also on the sprinter Sarah Philips (1984) with a times of 11.91 (regular) and 11.78 (wind assisted) clocked at 100m.