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The SPLISS Athletics Project: A Resource-Based Evaluation of Elite Athletics Policies

Internationalisation of elite sport is increasing the interest of scientists to identify factors that affect the success of nations in international competition. An increasing number of countries have developed strategic approaches in their pursuit of success and there is an international trend towards a homogeneous model of elite sport development.

At the sport-specific level there is a lack of a conceptual model and corresponding method to measure and compare the elite sport policies that lead to a competitive advantage. An important question in this perspective is how national sporting organisations develop a performance-driven management system regarding elite athletics development.

Therefore, the aim of the project described here is to measure and evaluate specific policy factors contributing to success in elite athletics. The key idea behind an international comparison of policy structures is to measure the nations’ competitiveness, based on economic/management perspectives (a resource-based-view).

Therefore, the purpose of this project is 1) to compare countries' organisational resources and capabilities in athletics and 2) to measure the studied countries’ competitive position.