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Torro surprises with 2.32m national record

Finland’s 30old Osku Torro took a surprise High Jump victory indoors in Wuppertal, Germany, setting a world season lead with a 2.32m performance which not only added 5 centimetres to his outright personal best (2.27 outdoors, 2007 / 2.26 indoors, 2006) but improved the Finnish record by one centimetre.

Torro, had a clean jumping card through four heights up to and including 2.25 and then needed three attempts before he cleared 2.28. Composure regained, he took 2.30 and then 2.32 at his first approach to the bar before making three unsuccessfully attempts at 2.34.

Series: 2.14-o, 2.18-xo, 2.22-o, 2.25-o, 2.28-xxo, 2.30-o, 2.32-o, 2.34-xxx.

Torro's 2.32 clearance improves Oskari Frösén’s 2.31m national record which was set in Tallinn, Estonia on 25 February 2004, and is also the outright Finnish record as another two jumpers Mika Polku (2000) and Toni Huikuri (2002) having leapt 2.31m hold the outdoor best by a Finn.

Torro’s career has until now been blighted by ankle injuries. He had been in tremendous condition last spring but was held back by further injuries and had a 2009 best of 2.25m which he produced in Viitasaari, Finland on 26 June.

His coach Juha Isolehto, 41, former Finnish record holder who jumped 2.30 outdoors in 1995, commented that “this is a good starting point for the season, now we are about to ease Torro’s training and expect him to peak within the next month.”

Russian Ivan Ilyichev was second in the High Jump with 2.28m in Wuppertal, while Kate Dennison improved her own British Pole Vault record of 4.57m.

Chris Turner for the IAAF