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Venues of IAAF World Half Marathon Championships agreed - New Delhi for 2004 and Edmonton for 2005

IAAF Council, in the second day of its meeting at the Monte-Carlo Grand Hotel, decided that New Delhi would host the 13th edition of the World Half Marathon Championships in 2004 and that Edmonton (CAN) would organise the subsequent edition in 2005.

New Delhi (IND) and Pila (Poland) were candidates for the 2004 IAAF World Half Marathon Championships, while Edmonton (CAN) was the only bidder for 2005.

The selection of New Delhi means that the IAAF World Half Marathon Championships will be held in Asia for the first time ever. The New Delhi metropolitan area has a population of 12 million people. Edmonton hosted a memorable and successful edition of the IAAF World Championships in Athletics in 2001.

Following a presentation by the Chairman of the Juridical Commission, Lauri Tarasti (FIN), Council discussed an on-going reform of the IAAF Constitution, focusing on legal, organisational and administrative details, and also the creation of a Code of Ethics for Council Members.

Council also held detailed presentations from the organisers of a number of IAAF World Athletics Series competitions in 2003, including the World Indoor Championships in Birmingham, the World Cross Country Championships in Lausanne (SUI), the World Youth Championships in Sherbrooke (CAN), the World Championships in Athletics in Paris (FRA) and the World Athletics Final in Monaco.