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What’s financially at stake in Edinburgh?

MonteCarloA sum of US$280,000 in prize money will be paid by the IAAF for the two senior races at the 36th IAAF World Cross Country Championships, Edinburgh, Scotland on 30 March 2008.**

A US$30,000 prize is available for each individual winner of the men’s and women’s senior races with money filtering down to 6th position where the reward is US$3000 per athlete. In total US$140,000 is on offer as individual prizes.

In terms of the team contest in both senior events, there is another prize pool of US$140,000. This is distributed with US$20,000 going to the first team home in each race, descending to 6th place where the pay out is US$4000.

Prize Money in US$ – senior men’s and women’s races

1st – 30,000
2nd – 15,000
3rd – 10,000
4th – 7000
5th – 5000
6th – 3000

1st – 20,000
2nd – 16,000
3rd – 12,000
4th – 10,000
5th – 8000
6th – 4000


Senior Men
Teams of no more than twelve (12) athletes can be entered in the race. Nine (9) athletes per country will be allowed to start in each race, six (6) of whom will score.

Junior Men, Senior Women, Junior Women
Teams of no more than eight (8) athletes can be entered in all races. Six (6) athletes will be allowed to start in each race, four (4) of whom will score.


Junior athletes (i.e. athletes born in 1989 or 1990, who will be 19 or 18 by 31 December 2008) can compete in any race.  However, Junior athletes cannot compete in both Junior and Senior Races.

Youth athletes (i.e. athletes born in 1991 or 1992, who will be 17 or 16 by 31 December 2008) can compete only in the Junior Races.


** There is no prize money paid for the two junior races.

The payment of prize money in the senior races is dependent upon the athletes clearing the usual anti-doping procedures.