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General News 7 March event report

Women 400m final

Women’s 400 m Final

Germany’s 1998 European outdoor and indoor champion, gained a global title here in Maebashi after winning the 400m in 50.80 – a world leading mark. After an even start, Breuer raced into the lead around the first bend and was still in the lead at the crucial half way point (23.59), when the athletes break from lines. At this point, defending champion Jearl Miles-Clark was jostled by Falilat Ogunkoya and Mexico’s Ana Guevara, and ended up way out of contention. With Breuer clear and running effortlessly, the battle was on for the minor medals. Ogunkoya held on best for silver as Jearl-Miles fought past Guevara for third in the last two strides.

Gold Medallist - BREUER Grit (GER)
"I thought the race would have been a lot more difficult. It was my prerace tactics to run a very fast first lap and then ease up a little bit and hit the last 50 meters as fast as I can.
I had a terrible time adjusting to the time difference here in Japan. The first 2-3 nights I hardly slept at all. My first training here was a catastrophy.
This is quite promising for the summer season. I hope to be in the final in Seville and then get a medal, but this event is a new game everytime."

Silver Medallist - OGUNKOYA Falilat (NGR)
"At the end of the first lap, Ana(Guevara-MEX) was pushing me around a little, I lost some time with that. This my first indoor championships, and I got a medal. Yesterday I didn't run so fast, so I thought I ccould win today, but Grit (Breuer-GER) ran great. I want to give my medal to my son, because he has to go through many hard things too."

Bronze Medallist - MILES-CLARK Jearl (USA)
"I didn't get to the break first. The field got away from me and the pace was unexpectedly quick, so I had to play catch up throughout the race.
The semi-final yesterday took nothing out of me. I felt fine as I got onto the track today. Positioning is everything for indoor running, that was my only error."