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Women's 1500m Round 1 - Flash Interviews

Tizita BOGALE (ETH)1st in HEAT 14:12.95

The race was great. I wanted to run it from the front and qualify for the final. I believe I can win the final.

In 2009, I ran the 800m at the World Youth Championships. In this 1500 metres,  I expect I can obtain better results.

Nelly Chebet NGEIYWO - 3rd in HEAT 1 - 4:13.00

It was good. I wanted to do my best.

[In the final] I want to do a personal best.

Genevieve LALONDE (CAN) - 6th in HEAT 1 - 4:19.20 (PB)

I did exactly what I wanted to. My plan was to come and get a best performance out of it, get a chance to race with girls around my age. It’s perfect. That’s exactly what I did. I had fun with it. Now, hopefully I can relax.

It’s been a ride coming to this championship.

(About running the 1500 metres after the steeplechase) Last night some people were saying  I was crazy but  I think it was just that I’m here in my hometown, why not if I could do both, might as well try to do both and see what happens.

Ciara MAGEEAN (IRL) - 1st in HEAT 2 - 4:16.73

The first heat was very fast, and our heat was slower. It’s nice to be able to qualify with a more comfortable time. I’m really happy that I qualified.

I really just went out to qualify. I knew the first three qualified, so that was my aim, just to get in the first three. I’m delighted that I won, I was happy with my kick at the end.

It’s a heat, so you never want to run too fast in your heat. I’m happy enough. It’s a good time, and I’ve still got some left for the final.

I believe everybody should go into the race with the idea that they can win, so that’s going to be my aim, but hopefully all goes well.

Jordan HASAY (USA) - 2nd in HEAT 2 - 4:16.74

It was hard but I think it’s just because it was in the morning and it hasn’t quite warmed up yet. I feel good about it. I felt pretty strong at the end and just wanted to automatically qualify. The first heat was really fast so I knew I had to get that automatic spot.

It was pretty slow early on. I was just trying to stay relaxed. I think I was pressing a little bit. Preliminaries are always so nerve-wracking because you’re worried someone’s going to pass you and get that spot. I’m just excited to make it to the finals and do something there.

I’d like to get a personal record, run somewhere around 4:10 maybe. I think it‘s a great opportunity. I feel blessed to be in the final.

Jessica PARRY (CAN) - 4th in HEAT 2 - 4:19.08 (PB)

I was hoping to go a little bit faster but hopefully this will get me in the finals. My plan was just to sit like I did. I didn’t really plan to get boxed in like I did. I didn’t have quite enough left at the end but hopefully it was enough.

Amela TERZIC (SRB) - 2nd in HEAT 3 - 4:13.46 (National Junior Record)

I’m so happy because I got to the final round. And I’m so happy because I got bronze last year at the world championships and I’m 17 [years old].

Laura WEIGHTMAN (GBR) - 3rd in HEAT 3 - 4:17.11

That was a really fast first lap about 5 seconds faster than I normally go through so it was chop and change of pace the whole time. I’m  just glad to get through in a comfortable time and look forward to the finals now.

I did as planned today. The first lap was faster than I wanted to but found a good position and held it and was comfortable at the end.

I’m just going to go away now, do a cool down and rest tomorrow and just keep out of the sun as much as possible.

Azmerawork BEKELE (ETH) - 4th in HEAT 3 - 4:18.55

I found the race a bit tough, because I was ill recently.

[On the second lap] I was pushed from behind.

It didn’t affect the outcome that much though, because I have my own problem.