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Women's 400m Hurdles final - Flash Interviews

Katsiaryna ARTSIUKH (BLR) GOLD - 56.16 (WJL)

I had my doubts if I could overtake her down the final stretch but I just kept pushing and I am very happy that I finished first.

Coming into the final I felt like I could win but knew I would have to do my best.


I’m feeling good, but I hoped to win. I wanted to win, but I’m glad to be second. I’m not lucky enough to win gold. I came here to win. I’ve only ever touched the hurdle once during my sporting career.

Next year, I’m going to participate in a European championship.

Evonne BRITTON (USA) - BRONZE - 57.32 (PB)

From the start, I knew that I had to control the pace. Lane 8 is hard, so I just had to hold my ground. It’s on the outside, so you have to run out further. It’s pretty hard to judge the other people’s races. You’re being chased, instead of being the chaser.

Yes, I’m very pleased. It’s always good to post a PB. It’s my goal in every race - to try and get better and better.

I want to just progress, keep going further and keep pushing further.

I’m going to Penn State. I’ll be a sophomore there, so I’m looking forward to that season.

Kelsey BALKWILL (CAN) - 7th - 57.94 (PB)

From the time I got here, (my plan) was to get the final. It is my first time here, it was just a great opportunity to get here and to get to the finals was even that mush better.

In this last race I just tried to push as hard as I could, push through it.

I was very happy with that (personal best).

This was a great experience.