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Women's 4x100m Relay Round 1 - Flash Interviews

Stefanie PÄHLER (GER), anchor leg1st in HEAT 1 - 44.52

It was a really good race. I ran really good, and the other girls, too. The start was perfect and I think in the final our times will be better.

(Our exchanges) were good.

We need to run faster, the exchanges will be a little bit better. I think it will be good.

Ashley COLLIER (USA)  1st in HEAT 2 - 43.56 (WJL)

I was trying to rest my knees a bit but I was able to run very good. We all did a good job and we made it through.

The hand-offs were good but they can be better.  We will work on that for the final.

Shaunna THOMPSON, anchor leg (GBR) – 2nd in HEAT 2 - 44.62

It was a bit crazy because I’ve not really run relay for Great Britain before – not successfully anyway. I’m just glad we finished it and qualified for the relay. Last time we did the relay it (the baton) didn’t get around to me. That was at the European Juniors in Serbia last year. The girl ran in and I ran out too fast for her.

I’ve learned a lesson after that.

I haven’t had a good season so far but that race just made up for it.

Rebecca WILSON, lead-off leg (GBR) – 2nd in HEAT 2 – 44.62

Best day of my life!

This is my first major championship for Great Britain and I’m loving every minute of it.


Jonelle BELL-SPENCE (CAN) 3rd in HEAT 2 - 44.77

It was good! We just went out there, we had a little cheer, you know? We were just trying to keep our energy level up, trying to keep the adrenaline running, so that everything would just channel into our races. We already had the practice, so all we had to do was execute it and I think we did that really, really well.