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Women's 4x400m relay heats - Flash Interviews

Annie LEBLANC (CAN), second leg1st in HEAT 1 - 3:34.52 (PB)

I was pushing on the adrenaline of the crowd we all gave our best and very pleased with our effort.

Chanice  CHASE (CAN) - anchor leg

I know USA is a fast team so I just went out with her.  I felt pretty strong in the last 120 metres of the race and the crowd brought us home.

Amara JONES (BAH) - 2nd in HEAT 2 - 3:33.50 (NJ)

[We’re feeling] tired. It was a good race. Good competition. There’s always a challenge with so many different people, but [what matters is] who wants it more.

Danielle DOWIE (JAM), opening leg - 1st in HEAT 2 - 3:32.30 (WJL)

I wanted to get out hard, but travelling along the back straight I felt the strength to take us home.

We know we have to come harder, so we were saving a bit in this heat. We’re going to come hard and we definitely have to carry if we want the gold.

Natoya GOULE (JAM), third leg  - 1st in HEAT 2 - 3:32.30 (WJL)

I wanted to make Jamaica proud. I just pushed through, and then in the last 100 metres, I pushed harder.

Janieve RUSSELL (JAM), second leg  - 1st in HEAT 2 - 3:32.30 (WJL)

I had no idea I was in the lead. I knew Nigeria had a very good team, as did the Bahamas.

Blessing EPHRAIM (NGR) – 3rd in HEAT 2 – 3:34.81

[On status of 400m silver medallist Margaret ETIM after receiving medical attention following her final] She’s doing fine. I think she was probably dehydrated.
[On whether Etim will be in the 4x400 final squad] Yes, ma’am!

[Expectations for final] I’d say top three. We’re good enough to make top three. We’re going to go for the gold.