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Women's 800m final - Flash Interviews

Eleana Mirela LAVRIC  (ROU)  - GOLD - 2:01.85

This is my third time being a world champion (won 2007 youth, 2008 junior and now 2010 junior) so I am very happy with the win with this being my last junior competition and I picked up the gold medal at the World Championships.

It was a very hard race, she pushed me. I am not happy with my time I felt I could do better

Cherono KEOCH (KEN) - SILVER - 2:02.29

I feel very happy.

It was a very hard race. The weather, the conditions were not good. I did not expect to win silver.

The last 400 metres, I felt like my feet couldn’t move. The cold was affecting me. Then, in the last 100 metres, I felt like I could do it.

Annet NEGESA (UGA) - BRONZE - 2:02.51

The race was not so bad except for the spiking. The start was not good.

My fellow runners whom I was running with were bumping and spiking me.

The finish was not OK. I stressed myself on the first lap, and they were bumping and trying to push me and spiking me.

[On the lap of honour] I felt very happy. It’s my first medal in international competition. I feel very happy doing this for my country. People will be happy when I go back to Uganda.

Next is the 1500 metres tomorrow. I’ll be somewhat tired but I’ll go and I’ll run. I think I can do better than I have done today.