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Women's 800m Round 1 - Flash Interview

Laura Roesler, USA, 3rd in HEAT 1  2:08.17

It felt good. For the first round, it felt pretty good, which was nice. I was the most nervous for this because the first round is the most important, I’m first heat, we’re going to run fast because of times, but it was fun.

My strategy was to hang with the top four on the lane line, just be in position, and then in the end, just go and secure a spot. I think I followed it pretty well.

It’ll be good to shake out the kinks, flush out my legs.

I’m going to try and make the final, that’s my main goal. I’ll run as fast as I can tomorrow and I’ll be happy with whatever I do. It’s just fun to be in this atmosphere.

Angela Smit, (NZL)  Winner HEAT  2 -  2:07.13

I felt really good, just sitting in behind for the first lap and I thought I’d push a little when I came down the home stretch. It was really close though, just to make sure that I was in the top four. I just wanted to get to the finals.

Annie Leblanc (CAN)  – 3rd in HEAT 2 – 2:07.45

I feel very good. I did what I had to do and now we’ll follow the game plan step by step. The race did not go exactly how I had visualized or anticipated. I was a little hesitant and had to make changes in my rhythm. But that’s the game.

Elena Mirela Lavric, Romania, 2:05.90 – 1st in HEAT 3

Now I’m tired, but it’s okay. This was easy. It was the best race. It was easy. Tomorrow will be hard, and the final will be very hard.
I want to win. That’s my best strategy. But we’ll see. Anything can happen in the finals.

Ekaterina ZAVYALOVA (RUS) 3rd in HEAT 3

It was good. I hope to be in the final because I have very good results.[ I ran my PB 2:02.11] at the championships of the Russian federation last year. I ran 2:04.79 at the championships of the Russian federation this year. I was eighth. It was easy. I want to run a personal best here.

Carly Paracholski, (CAN)  4th place HEAT 3 -  2:06.70

I thought it (the race) was good. I was pretty nervous coming into it, but I just wanted to run a good PB (Personal Best), and whatever happened, happened, whether I made semis or I didn't.I knew the lead girls would go fast. I'm not used to this fast, but it worked out OK. I didn't think I would get there (semifinals), but now that I am. I'll just try hard and give it all I've got.

Corinna Harrer, Germany, 2:07.16 -  2nd in HEAT 4

It was very tough. I didn’t recognize the Kenyan girl, and I was taken by surprise.

It was hard because I didn’t see her coming forward, and we were 100 metres away, but we will see tomorrow what will happen.

For the next race, I will do some jogging, and just relax. I have to talk to my coach first [about my strategy] but I will have to run as fast as I can because tomorrow it will be very  very fast, and my personal best is only 2:04, so I have to give my best tomorrow

Annet Negesa, Uganda - Winner Heat 5 - 2:04.22

I felt good. I ran really good.

It wanted to finish up the race.

This was my first time trying Juniors, and I liked it.