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Women's Heptathlon - Flash Interviews

Dafne SCHIPPERS (NED)GOLD5967 pts (NJ)

I feel very good.

When I saw the German girl (Gambetta) come closer and closer and passed me, I thought, “I’m going to go.”

In the 800 metres,  I just wanted to run fast and win the gold medal.

I’m going to holiday in Canada, then rest, and work towards the European Juniors next year.

Sara GAMBETTA (GER)  - SILVER - 5770 pts

It was a great competition here. I learned so much.  I will know there are areas I need to work on and train harder.  

I wish I could have done better in the javelin.  I only threw 37.45m and my best is 44.5m.  It’s a discipline I can work on.

Helga Margret THORSTEINSDOTTIR (ISL) BRONZE - 5706 pts

I’m tired but I’m happy. It was a terrible heptathlon except for these last two events. And third place - I’m happy, of course.

My favourite? Absolutely NOT 800 metres. I don’t know. These days, it’s javelin, because it’s going the best. It was long jump but that’s terrible right now. I like shot put, and  - oh, heptathlon is my favourite one.

I think my most challenging one was 200 metres, because the shot put went terribly and I was thinking about quitting. But my sister’s here and she cheered me up. The most challenging, I think it was 200 metres.

[The weather yesterday meant] the high jump was terrible. I was shaking between the jumps, but I’m from Iceland and I should be used to it. So much rain and for such a long time! I was wondering when it was going to stop. But everybody had the rain, so it was okay.

I can’t describe it, because all the girls are from all around the world. Meeting them again and again and seeing them progress and competing with them, it’s just like - it means so much that I can call these girls who are from around the world and speak English to some of the ones who don’t speak it so well.