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Women's Long Jump

An effort of 6.85m by Russia’s Tatyana Kotova was probably determinant for the Women’s overall World Cup standings.

At that point Europe was leading ahead of Russia but that wouldn’t be for much longer.

Kotova, the European champion who can now claim 13 wins out of 14 competitions this year, scored 9 points for Russia while Jade Johnson (GBR), competing for Europe, could only score 6 points finishing fourth.

A 6.81m opening jump by Brazil’s Maurren Maggi, jumping for the Americas, set the standard very high in the last field event of the women’s programme.

Maggi, who won last week’s Grand Prix Final with her last effort after Kotova had been in the lead for most of the contest, looked like she was going to finish her season with another victory.

Kotova’s first effort was two centimetres short of Maggi’s and the Russian’s second attempt just one centimetre shorter. Luck was to come with Kotova’s third attempt measured at 6.85m, a distance Maggi would never match.

Spain’s former World Junior champion Concepcion Montaner was third with 6.68m while Johnson’s best jump was 6.41m.