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Women's Shot Put Final

Like father, like daughter … Michelle Carter, the Pan-American Games champion, whose father Michael was a renowned San Francisco 49er and 21.76m shot putter himself, is now World Junior Champion, stunning her rivals with a personal best 17.55 with the last throw of the competition, to snatch back a lead she had originally taken with her very first throw of 16.78.

By the end of the second round, the podium seemed set with Carter leading, Anna Avdeyeva of Russia second with 16.45 and Irina Tarasova third, with 16.16.

There were no changes in the next two rounds, but with her fifth throw, Christina Schwanitz of Germany moved into the bronze position with 16.41. In the final, explosive round, Schawanitz improved again to 16.52, to move into silver position, but Avdeyeva responded courageously with her last throw to achieve 17.13, which not only brought her back the silver but moved her into first place with just one throw to go.

But Carter did not flinch, and came up with the best throw of her life to snatch gold back and make her daddy proud.