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Women's Triple Jump Final

Defending World Indoor champion, Russia’s Tatyana Lebedeva, retained her title with a first-round effort of 14.95m, a distance that only came under serious attack in the final round when the woman who had defeated her in the Russian Championships, Anna Pyatykh, came within a tantalising two centimetres of wresting the title away. Bronze was clinched by former Cuban, Yamile Aldama of the Sudan, who approached her 2004 best with 14.86.

Lebedeva’s winning jump was 20 centimetres further than Jamaican Trecia’s Smith’s 2006 benchmark.

After the first round Pyatykh was already second on 14.66, while bronze was occupied by the Cuban World silver Yargelis Savigne with a 14.52 that promised so much more since she was a good 18 centimetres short of the board.

1999 World silver medallist Yamile Aldama was fourth with a solid 14.48 while the 2000 Olympic champion Tereza Marinova from Bulgaria, on the way back after Achilles tendon problems hit 14.37.

The second round saw Aldama go close to her 2004 best of 14.90 with 14.86 to slip into silver but she was carrying a slight ankle injury, so bronze has to be reckoned a success for her. Meanwhile, Savigne was getting closer to the board as she corrected her run-up and moved into third with a personal best 14.72.

Lebedeva backed up her first round lead with a 14.92 leap, while Smith improved on her best for the season by three centimetres for 14.78 to slip into bronze and set new national figures.

The next round saw the outdoor World champion improve her record yet again to 14.84, but she still needed three more centimetres to dislodge Aldama.

Then nothing happened to disturb the leader board until the final round when Pyatykh suddenly showed why she was Russian champion by overhauling Aldama and snatching silver.