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World Feed Runningorder Paris 2008

Dear Broadcaster, 

Welcome to Paris and the ÅF Golden League 

The Line up/pre World Feed transmission starts at GMT 17:00/CEST 19:00.

Following items will appear during Line up.

GMT 17:00/CEST 19:00 

Bars/tone (indicating IMG SWEDEN)

+10 min  Opening and Closing animation for ÅF Golden League 2008
+20 min   World Feed introduction
+25 min   unilateral requests
+35 min   Host broadcaster feed (no guarantees for live transmission)

GMT 17:59:15  Countdown clock

GMT 18:00:00   Start of World Feed

START              DUR    
on screen multilateral opening 
00:00:00            30 sec  ÅF Golden League Opening title
00:00:30            25 sec  Footage from Paris (below suggested lead in)00:00:55            35 sec  Footage of Athletes in focus (below suggested lead in)

00:01:30            30 sec  Venue Wide shot

00:02:00            10 sec  close up ÅF Golden League Bars
00:02:10            Commence competition coverage

START              DUR     on screen multilateral closing

00:00:00            10 sec  ÅF Golden League Bars

00:00:10            20 sec  Stadium shot with ÅF Golden League Jackpot contenders
00:00:30            10 sec  Clean Venue shot allowing commentators saying goodbye
00:00:40            60 sec  Slow motion package with music (no graphics)
00:01:40            20 sec  ÅF Golden League closing title
00:02:00            2 sec    Black
00:02:02                        clean venue shot 

START              DUR     Post Multilateral
Approx +10 min            
requested replays
Trailer footage


 Suggested lead in for the World Feed from the ÅF Golden League Paris July 18th 2008 


Welcome to Paris - this wonderful French capital is situated on both banks of the Seine. It's the business, historical intellectual and artistic centre of France but so much more.  It's famous for that rich history, it's beautiful architecture and cultural diversity.  Paris remains one of the most visited cities in the world. (18 sec) Welcome to the Stade de France and once again to ÅF Golden League athletics. (5 sec) Only two female athletes remain in contention for the 1 million dollar golden prize and they both look unbeatable:  (6 sec) On the track Pamela Jelimo (Ken) was once again a convincing winner in Rome with another fast 800m time of 1:55.69.  More of the same is predicted here in Paris. (11 sec) In the high jump Blanka Vlasic (CRO) once again won comfortably in the High Jump despite a more modest clearance of 2 metres. She is proving to be a real Olympic Gold medal contender too.  (10 sec) Dayron Robles of Cuba the worlds leading high hurdler this season is down to compete here in Paris.  He is the new world record holder and is looking so good at the moment. (8 sec) Le Shawn Merritt takes on Olympic and world Champion and USA team mate Jeremy Warriner once again in what promises to be another great 400m race to decide who will be world number one this week. (11 sec) 

The above to be followed by view over Stade de France