Arley Ibargüen unleashes his 81.07m Colombian record in Lima (Eduardo Biscayart) © Copyright
Report 21 June 2009 – Lima, Peru

Adriano takes seventh South American Discus title – Day 2 report

Lima, PeruBrazilian Elisângela Adriano produced the best performance of the second day of competition of the XLVI South American Championships in Lima on Saturday 20 June, by winning the Discus with a season’s best of 61.00m.

This is the seventh title at the event for the 36-year-old from São Paulo, who is also the South American record-holder with 61.96m (1998). Adriano set a new Championship record with her second round effort of 61.00m, which is her fourth performance ever.

“This is my last South American Championships,” said Adriano. “I know I have said that many times, but I’m thinking about stopping my career to have a family, and this is perhaps a good time. It’s strange because I’m in very good form, but I’m almost certain that this will be my last one.”

On Sunday(21), the Brazilian will be pursuing her ninth Shot Put title, event where she also holds the South American record with 19.30m (2001). She will be up against the young Chilean Natalia Ducó, the 2008 IAAF World Junior Champion and South American junior record-holder.

Ibargüen impresses in the Javelin

Colombian Arley Ibargüen also provided shine to the cold second day of competition at the track of the “Villa Deportiva Nacional” in the Peruvian capital. The 26-year-old javelin thrower regained the National record with his opening effort of 81.07m, a mark that’s also a Championship record, and makes him the third performer in the all-time South American lists behind the Paraguayan duo of Edgar Baumann (84.70m ’99) and Nery Kennedy (81.28m ’98).

Ibargüen had first taken the Colombian NR with 79.25m in 25 April (at Ponce, Puerto Rico), but lost it to Noraldo Palacios at the National Championships on 24 May (at Bogotá). Palacios threw 79.61m on that day, to 79.36m of Ibargüen.

The 81.07m record performance by Ibargüen was backed by a consistent series: 81.07m, 77.99m, 72.79m, 75.32m, 80.07m and 78.09m.

South American Race Walk record for Ordóñez

Ecuador will always be recognized for its walkers, after the influence of Olympic and World Champion Jefferson Pérez. Now, to continue the tradition, 21-year-old Johana won the 20,000m in Lima with a South American record of 1:34:58.

Ordóñez had a very balanced race. Crossed the 10,000m in 47:19, along with three other walkers, and later dropped her company to walk the final part of the race alone. Colombian Sandra Zapata followed the Ecuadorian with a NR time of 1:35:53, while Brazilian Tânia Spindler was third with a PB of 1:36:32.

Championship records fall

Besides the ones of Adriano, Ordóñez and Ibargüen, three other Championship records fell in Lima on the second day of competition.

Peruvian Mario Bazán confirmed his position of number one of the South American lists in the 3000m Steeplechase, and provided the most emotional moment of the day for the home crowd with his 8:35.17 victory over Venezuelan José Gregorio Peña. Bazán became the first Peruvian ever to win a South American title at the Steeplechase, and the first male to win a title in the championships since Hugo Muñoz took the High Jump in 1993.

After Brazilians Gládson Barbosa and Fernando Alex Fernandes abandoned the race, Bazán and Peña covered most of the final stages together, but the Peruvian proved to be stronger in the home straight. Peña was defeated by one second, but set a PB of 8:36.17.

In the women’s Steeplechase, Brazilian Sabine Heitling emulated Bazán’s feat. The 21-year-old from Porto Alegre, who is the 2007 Pan-American Games champion and 2008 Ibero-Americano Champion, went out strongly and ran the second part of the competition without company, to cross the finish line in 9:52.54, barely missing her 9:51.13 PB (2007).

Colombian Ángela Figueroa was second with a National record of 9:54.83.

The final Championship record of the day fell to Brazilian Lucimara da Silva in the Heptathlon, thanks to her 5996 points.

Da Silva, the South American record holder with 6076 (from the Beijing Olympic Games where she placed 17th), had a very strong second day, a “PB” of 2493 points based on a good long jump effort (6.32m, the best by a South American in a Heptathlon), and a valiant 800m run (a PB of 2:15.79).

“I’m still not at my best, just recovering from a pulled hamstring, so in my second Heptathlon of the year I was just trying to be consistent,” said the 23 year-old da Silva.

Cerra wins eighth title in a row

Argentina’s Juan Ignacio Cerra, the South American record holder in the Hammer Throw, made history with his eighth consecutive victory at the Championships after taking the event with a toss of 69.42m.

The 32-year-old left handed thrower from Santa Fe began his tally at the South American Championships in 1997, in Mar del Plata, and has been unbeaten in the region since then. Another thrower, Chilean Gert Weil, himself a finalist at two Olympic Games and three World Championships, had the record with seven consecutive titles from 1979 to 1991.

Eduardo Biscayart for the IAAF

Leading Results -
XLVI South American Championships (XXXVI for women)
Lima, 20 June – Day 2
100m (0.6)
1 Alonso Edward PAN 10.29
2 Daniel Grueso COL 10.39
3 José Carlos Moreira BRA 10.49
1 Andrés Silva URU 46.06
2 Geiner Mosquera COL 46.28
3 Freddy Mezones VEN 46.28
1 Damião de Souza BRA 29:23.57
2 Miguel Ángel Bárzola ARG 29:23.62
3 Jhon Cusi PER 29:40.05
3000m St
1 Mario Bazán PER 8:35.17* NR
2 José Gregorio Peña VEN 8:36.17
3 Mariano Mastromarino ARG 8:51.48
110m hurdles (-0.5)
1 Paulo César Villar COL 13.89
2 Éder Antônio Souza BRA 13.97
3 Anselmo Gomes da Silva BRA 14.12
High Jump
1 Jessé de Lima BRA 2.16
2 Alberth Bravo VEN 2.13
3 Diego Ferrín ECU 2.10
Pole Vault
1 Fábio Gomes da Silva BRA 5.40
2 João Gabriel Sousa BRA 5.30
3 Marcelo Terra ARG 4.80
Triple Jump
1 Jefferson Dias Sabino BRA 16.38/2.5
2 Hugo Chila ECU 16.12/-0.8
3 Leonardo Elisiário dos Santos 15.58/0.4
Shot Put
1 Germán Lauro ARG 19.20
2 Ronald Julião BRA 18.19
3 Gustavo de Mendonça BRA 17.55
1 Juan Ignacio Cerra ARG 69.42
2 Patricio Palma CHI 68.53
3 Eduardo Acuña PER 67.26 NR
1 Arley Ibargüen COL 81.07*/NR
2 Noraldo Palacios COL 77.87
3 Júlio César de Oliveira BRA 73.51
Carlos Eduardo Chinin BRA 3980 (11.07/0.0 7.10/0.8 13.51 1.96 49.63)
Oscar Mina ECU 3757 (10.92/0.0 6.44/0.7 11.86 1.96 49.67)
Victorio Gotuzo PER 3486 (11.45/0.0 6.40/0.0 11.87 1.93 52.37)
1 COL (Y. Rivas, Valoyes, Geiner Mosquera, Grueso) 39.41
2 BRA (de Lima, Ribeiro, Sena, Moreira) 39.46
3 VEN (Cubillán, Chirinos, Cassiani, Amaya) 40.26
100m (-0.8)
1 Lucimar de Moura BRA 11.59
2 Felipa Palacios COL 11.79
3 Thaíssa Presti BRA 11.85
1 Norma González COL 52.62
2 Emmily Pinheiro BRA 52.73
3 Jaílma de Lima BRA 52.95
3000m St
1 Sabine Heitling BRA 9:52.54*
2 Ángela Figueroa COL 9:54.83 NR
3 Rosa Godoy ARG 10:12.95
100m hurdles (-0.2)
1 Briggite Merlano COL 13.22
2 Soledad Donzino ARG 13.48
3 Fabiana Morães BRA 13.56
High Jump
1 Caterine Ibargüen COL 1.88
2 Solange Witteveen ARG 1.85
3 Mônica de Freitas BRA 1.82
1 Elisângela Adriano BRA 61.00*
2 Karen Gallardo CHI 55.91
3 María Angélica Cubillán VEN 54.07 NR
1 Lucimara da Silva BRA 5996 * [13.44/-0.6 1.79 11.05 25.07/-1.0 (3503/1) 6.34/1.2 39.37 2:15.79]
2 Vanessa Spinola BRA 5578 [14.43/-0.6 1.64 13.41 24.86/-1.0 (3356/2) 5.43/-0.3 43.82 2:22.29]
3 Macarena Reyes CHI 5360 NR [14.27/-0.6 1.67 10.10 25.48/-1.0 (3138/4) 5.97/0.5 33.40 2:18.75)
1 COL (Palacios, Idrobo, Obregón, González) 44.18
2 BRA (Coelho Neto, de Moura, Presti, de Lima) 44.52
3 ECU (Mina, Caicedo, Nuñez, Chávez) 47.20
20000m Walk
1 Johana Ordóñez ECU 1:34:58* AR
2 Sandra Zapata COL 1:35:53 NR
3 Tânia Spindler BRA 1:36:32

* Championship record