Andreas Thorkildsen produces a last-round throw of 87.75m to win the Javelin Throw (Getty Images) © Copyright
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Event REPORT - Javelin Throw - MEN

Andreas Thorkildsen vs Tero Pitkämäki - was in reality a three throw event, well three throws of international importance that is.

Yes from an overall perspective this was a below-par Javelin Throw, only rescued from mediocrity in round three as the two protagonists managed to raise their game and clear 83 metres. World, Olympic and European champion Thorkildsen produced 83.89 and, following immediately in the throwing order, the Finn responded with 84.09.

In this limited (four round competition) that left the two men to fight it out for the win with their last attempts, and the Norwegian demolished any ambitions Pitkämäki, the former World champion, might have had of victory when with the penultimate throw of the whole competition he unleased 87.75m.

Pitkämäki could not respond, his last throw dipping down into the turf on the left-hand-side of the sector just beyond the 75m tape, his disappointment evident he placed his foot on the line so not to have the mark measured.

And that was it, $30,000 to Thorkildsen, and also in the context of the season it ended appropriately with Thorkildsen pre-eminent, top of the world, unopposed in 2009 – World champion (Berlin), world leader (91.28; Zurich), and now World Athletics Final winner.

Germany’s Mark Frank was third (82.46), and last year’s World Athletics Final winner, Vadims Vasilevskis, the only other 90m thrower this season other than Thorkildsen, totally off-form in fourth (81.86).

"I knew that these were my last throws of the season, so I put all my energy on the competition," said Thorkildsen. "This year was wonderful for me, as I won my first world title. My motivation from now on will be the World record. I know it's far enough from my personal best, but you' ll never know. I will try to improve my technique and have bigger throws. I also want to win as many titles as I can. Now I will go on vacation in Rome."

Chris Turner for the IAAF