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Event report men decathlon event one - 100m

America’s Chris Huffins leads the decathlon after the first event. He clocked the fastest 100m in 10.39, worth 1001 points. In second place is the Czech Republic’s Tomas Dvorak, the Olympic bronze medallist, who ran a personal best of 10.60, for 952 points. The only other contender for medals to get close to his pb was Jon Arnar Magnusson of Iceland who ran 10.61 for 949 points; his best is 10.56. He lies in 3rd place. The Olympic silver medallist, Frank Busemann of Germany, clocked 10.76 for 915 points, and Eduard Hamalainen of Finland, the silver medallist at the World Championships in 1995, clocked 10.81, 903 points. Busemann is in 6th place overall, Hamalainen in 8th. Steve Fritz of USA, fourth in the Olympic Games, Erki Nool of Estonia, fourth in the 1995 World Championships, and Michael Smith of Canada, the 1995 World Championships bronze medallist, were all below their bests. They lie in 15th, 4th and 18th places respectively.