Florence Kiplagat crosses the finish line of the 5000 metres ahead of Mary Wacera and Veronica Wanjiru (Peter Njenga) © Copyright
Report Nairobi, Kenya

Kenyan squad for Beijing confirmed after Junior Trials

A few upsets, and two season best times at home highlighted the Kenya Trials for the World Junior Championships, Beijing, China (15 – 20 August) at the Moi International Sports Centre, Kasarani, yesterday.

Thomas Longosiwa, a new Police recruit, ran the fastest time of the year at altitude in the 10,000 metres to beat Emmanuel Chamer in commanding style. He clocked 28:11.3 while Chamer in second place posted 28:28.4. This was also a great effort, having kept up with the charging Longosiwa until the last seven laps when he appeared to lose steam. Far behind was Matthew Kiseria in 28:50.1.

The 5000m pitted World Junior Cross Country champion Mangata Kimai Ndiwa with fourth placer Joseph Ebuya, among others. The field ran like veterans with Ndiwa hiding deep in the field thereby leaving Ebuya preoccupied with making side glances to look for this rival.

Leonard Komon took the initiative from the start and basically held on to the lead until he was overhauled on the home stretch by Ebuya and Ndiwa. Ebuya posted 13:40.7 and Ndhiwa 13:41.6. The long time leader hung on for third in 13:42.3.

Jackson Kivuva came agonisingly close to breaking 1:47 in the 800m after being chased to the wire by David Rudisha (1:47.5) and Richard Mutai (1:48.2).

Twice women’s World Junior Cross Country silver medallist and World Youth 3000m champion Veronica Nyarwai Wanjuru was beaten into second place in the women’s 5000m by Florence Kiplagat in one of the most competitive races of the day. Guts rather than power ruled the day and Kiplagat matched Wanjiru step for step until the last 200m, when the World Youth champion took the lead by three strides. But Kiplagat continued to shadow her and with 10 metres to go made her move and took the race in 15:41.3. Mary Wacera also leap-frogged from fourth to second in the last few metres in 15:41.6. Wanjiru clocked 15:42.1 for third.

However, Wanjiru was in the end entered for the 3000m for the World Junior team for Beijing. Incidentally, that race was won today by World Cross Country Champion Pauline Korikwiang.

Irene Chelagat earned the distinction of running the fastest 1500 metres time in Kenya this season of 4:10.5 which is better than what the seniors posted during the Commonwealth Games trials and national championships. In fact it is the fastest at altitude this year, and second only in Kenyan terms to the 4:08.12 that Veronica Wanjiru posted in the Doha Super Grand Prix on 12 May.

Peter Njenga for the IAAF

Kenya team for World Junior Championships

MEN: 400m—Julius Kirwa, John Kituu, Sylvester Kirwa; 800m—Jackson Kivuva, David Rudisha; 1500m—Geoffrey Rono, Remmy Limo; 5000m —Joseph Ebuya (13:40.7), Mangata Ndiwa (13:41.6); 10,000m—Thomas Longosiwa, Emmanuel Chemer; 3000m SC Bisluke Kipkorir, Willy Komen.

WOMEN: 400m—Biarose Chepkoech, Mary Wanjiru; 800m—Winnie Chebet, Flavious Kwamboka; 1500m—Irene Chelagat, Mercy Kosgei; 3000m—Pauline Korkwang, Veronica Nyaruai Wanjiru; 5000m—Florence Kiplagat, Mary Wachira; 3000m SC— Caroline Chepkirui, Beatrice Rop.



1. Julius Kirwa, Police, 46.45
2. John Kituu, Police, 47.29
3. Silvester Kirwa, Primary, 47.69.

 1. Jackson Kivuva, Secondary, 1:47.0
 2. David Rudisha, Secondary, 1:47.5
 3. Richard Mutai, North Rift, 1:48.2

1. Geoffrey Rono, South Rift, 3:41.8
 2. Remi Limo, North Rift, 3:42.0
 3. Boaz Lalang, Secondary, 3:42.2

1. Joseph Ebuya, North Rift, 13:40.7
 2. Mangata Ndhiwa, Secondary, 13:41.6
 3. Leonard Komon, Western, 13:42.3

1. Thomas Longosiwa, Police, 28:11.3
2. Emmanuel Chamer, Police, 28:28.4
3. Mathew Kiseria, Secondary, 28:50.1

3000m Steeplechase
 1. Bisluke Kipkorir, North Rift, 8:26.8
 2. Benson Kiplagat, 8:28.0
 3. Patrick Lagat, 3:37.4.


1. Biarose Chepkoech, South Rift, 56.8
2. Mary Wanjiru, Central, 57.2
3. Vivian Chelangat, Primary, 57.5

1. Winnie Chebet, South Rift, 2:07.29
2. Flavious Kwamboka, Secondary, 2;07.31
3. Lydia Wafula, Secondary, 2:07.77

1. Irene Chelagat, North Rift, 4:10.5
2. Mercy Kosgei, Secondary, 4:11.7
3. Sheila Chepkurui, Secondary, 4:17.4

1. Caroline Chepkurui, Primary, 10:05.6
2. Beatrice Rop, North Rift, 10:11.0
3. Ruth Waithera, Secondary, 10:22.1

1. Florence Kiplagat, North Rift, 15:41.3
2. Mary Wacera, Secondary, 15:41.6
3. Veronicah Nyaruai, Primary, 15:42.1

3000m Steeplechase
1. Cynthia Cherop, Nairobi, 10:05.0
2. Joyce Chepkurui, South Rift, 10:11.0
3. Mercy Cherono, South Rift, 10:22.1.