Shara Proctor of Great Britain competes in the Women's Long Jump Qualifications on Day 11 of the London 2012 Olympic Games at Olympic Stadium on August 7, 2012 (Getty Images) © Copyright

London 2012 - Event Report - Women's Long Jump Qualification Round

Shara Proctor born in Anguilla but now representing Great Britain was the first competitor to achieve the automatic qualification of 6.70m in Group A and did it with her first attempt.

Proctor this year's World Indoor bronze medallist who has unconditional British citizenship as the Caribbean nation is a UK dependent territory, easily propelled herself out to a distance of 6.83m which allowed her to leave the stadium on a coldish night for an early bath.

"I'm just going home now and will improve and get a medal," said Proctor whose personal best is 6.95m. "There is a seven metre jump in me but I'm not thinking about it."

Karen Mey Melis another athlete to switch citizenship from South Africa to Turkey four years ago which allowed her to compete at the Beijing Olympics where she did not make the final, also made it with her first effort and season's best of 6.80m.

The second round in that Group saw only Yelena Sokolova who at the Russian Trials cleared over seven metres for the first time the only jumper to make the cut when surpassing the required distance by a centimetre.

Janay DeLoach the silver medallist at the World Indoors was the only contestant in Group B to make it by right and despite having a 1.8m/s wind in her face, produced a very solid 6.81m.

"The track's really fast so I'm looking forward to some pretty good jumps tomorrow," said the American. "I've worked so hard to get here and nothing's going to stop me. I'm hungry for gold."

Brittney Reese the two-time World title holder Indoors & Outdoors after the second round was struggling with two no jumps while defending champion Maurren Maggi and Blessing Okagbare the bronze medallist in Beijing, were also on the verge of elimination having cleared only 6.37m and 6.32m respectively.

So too was Chelsea Hayes who improved from 6.66m to 7.10m at the USA Olympic Trials which earned her second place a centimetre behind Reese in the World rankings. On her first trip outside of America her furthest was also only 6.37m.

Reese fifth at the last Games saved her bacon with her last attempt of 6.57m which allowed her to progress as one of the best 12 performers, but Maggi, Okagbare - she managed an effort of 6.34m - plus Hayes all crashed out.

Ineta Radevica last summer's surprise World bronze medallist in Daegu was the best of the competitors making the cut who did not make the qualifier with a season's best 6.68m.

The other seven metre plus jumpers to qualify were Nastassia Mironchyk-Ivanova (6.66m), Anna Nazarova (6.62m), Lyudmila Kolchanova (6.57m) and Veronika Shutkova who got the final slot with a clearance of 6.40m.

David Martin for the IAAF