Bahamian sprinter Shaunae Miller (Getty Images) © Copyright

Shaunae Miller reflects on injuries and the IAAF World Relays – IAAF online diaries

“Hello fans. I am so excited to join the list of contributors to the IAAF Diary. I am looking forward to sharing with you on a monthly basis my activities, so let’s start with May. 

“Although I signed a professional contract last summer, my contract, thanks to my apparel sponsor adidas and my management, has a provision which enables me to continue pursuing my degree at the University of Georgia.

“I wrapped up the semester early in the month which works well for me as I can focus on competing throughout the summer months.

“May signified one thing for all Bahamian sports enthusiasts, the inaugural IAAF World Relays.

“During the World Indoor Championships in Sopot I was asked to consider a role as an adidas brand Ambassador, how could I refuse?

“As part of my obligation, I went to the Bahamas immediately after my final exams to carry out some promotional work; and it was evident that the IAAF had chosen well in selecting our paradise as the initial host.

“From children in schools to the man on the street, excitement filled the air. Regrettably, I was not able to compete as a hamstring issue I had, which I thought had cleared up, instead flared up.

“The injury which kept me from participating in the World Relays was diagnosed as a right hamstring strain. I was quite devastated as I was really looking forward to competing in front of my home crowd as well as to having my name listed among those who took part in the inaugural IAAF World Relays.  

“The medical team around me did their level best to get me ready, however, we just could not face the starter.  I felt the disappointment of my supporters, however, their understanding and acceptance of my plight was indeed soothing.

"My teammates did themselves and our country proud and I was especially our Golden Knights, the men’s 4x400 team, and our women’s 4x200 team. I look forward to joining them in 2015!

“Fortunately, in my ambassadorial role, I was able to witness first hand every race!  What a spectacle, I commend the IAAF on this innovation and on making it in the Bahamas.

“I am back in full training and excited to start competing again. I am yet to experience the outdoor aspect of the circuit so here I come!

“It’s better in the Bahamas!”