Lucimara da Silva at the 2011 Pan Am Games (Eduardo Biscayart) © Copyright
General News Barquisimeto, Venezuela

Two South American records fall as Ibero-American champs conclude in Barquisimeto

Brazil closed the 15th edition of the "Campeonato Iberoamericano" in Barquisimeto, Venezuela, in great fashion. Once again the South American nation dominated the medal table, but also provided the best two performances of the meet on its final day (10 June). Andressa de Morais and Lucimara da Silva improved the South American records in the women’s Discus Throw and Heptathlon, respectively, with 64.21m and 6160 points.

De Morais, a 28-year-old from the State of Paraiba bettered the discus record for the second time in 2012. Her series in Barquisimeto: 64.21m, 62.76m, 60.51m, foul, 58.15m and a pass. Her previous record of 62.36m was set in São Paulo on 12 May.

"I could not believe how good my first throw was. It feels great. I’ve won the South American and Ibero-American titles. I only need the Brazilian crown now," joked Morais, who has never won the "Troféu Brasil".

"I just have to continue this way in the final part of my preparation for London, hoping to reach a place in the final," said Andressa, who’s coached by Cuban Julián Mejía in Uberlândia.

Lucimara da Silva meanwhile set her third South American Heptathlon record with 6160 points, improving the 6133 mark from the 2011 Pan American Games in Guadalajara. Yet, the 26-year-old from São Paulo fell 33 points short of the Olympic standard required by the Brazilian Confederation to be present in London. Lucimara will have her final chance at the Brazilian nationals at the end of the month, however, after a brave effort in the 800m she had to be carried away from the track on a stretcher.

The 4x100m Relays, also dominated by Brazil, provided some good performances as well. The men’s race, won in 38.95, helped Venezuela set a national record of 39.01. The women’s, taken in 43.90, aided the Dominican Republic to also better their national mark with 44.04.

Cuba’s time in the men’s 4x400m relay was also excellent: 3:00.43, which so far is the second best on the 2012 World lists.

The 20,000m Race Walk, won by Colombian James Rendón in 1:26:12.1, meant Rondón’s qualification for the Olympic Games. The race was used as a selection between Rondón and Gustavo Restrepo. Both had reached the Olympic "A" standard, so the mark from Barquisimeto wasn’t significant. Competing on a rainy morning, Restrepo was disqualified and Rondón sealed his ticket to accompany Luis Fernando López, the Daegu bronze medallist, and Eider Arévalo, the winner of the junior race of 2010 and 2012 IAAF World Cup.

The next edition of the "Campeonato Iberoamericano" will be in 2014 in Brazil in a venue to be determined.

Eduardo Biscayart for the IAAF

XV "Campeonato Iberoamericano"
Results – Day 3 (10 June 2012)

1 Leandro de Oliveira BRA 3:47.76
2 Alberto Imedio ESP 3:48.46
3 Carlos Díaz CHI 3:48.50

1 Brazil (Carlos Moraes, Sandro Viana, Nílson André, Aldemir da Silva) 38.95
2 Venezuela (Jermaine Chirinos, Arturo Ramírez, Diego Rivas, José Eduardo Acevedo) 39.01 NR
3 Ecuador (Jhon Valencia, Franklin Nazareno, Jhon Tamayo, Alex Quiñónez) 40.83

1 Cuba (Noel Ruiz, Raidel Acea, Orestes Rodríguez, Williams Collazo) 3:00.43
2 Venezuela (Arturo Ramírez, Albert Bravo, José Meléndez, Omar Longart) 3:01.70
3 Dominican Republic (Gustavo Cuesta, John Soriano, Winder Cuevas, Luguelin Santos) 3:03.02

20000m Race Walk
1 James Rendón COL 1:26:12.1
2 Moacir Zimmermann BRA 1:29:15.6
3 Rubén Abreu CUB 1:30:09.2

1 Adriana Muñoz CUB 4:20.36
2 Andrea Ferris PAN 4:20.50
3 Sandra López MEX 4:21.00

Pole Vault
1 Dailis Caballero CUB 4.50
2 Karla da Silva BRA 4.10
3 Sara Pereira BRA 4.10

Long Jump
1 Eliane Martins BRA 6.55/-1.9
2 Macarena Reyes CHI 6.14/-2.2 (6.14/-1.0)
3 Giselle de Albuquerque BRA 6.14/-0.2 (6.10/-2.8)

Discus Throw
1 Andressa de Morais BRA 64.21 AR
2 Fernanda Borges BRA 57.87
3 Karen Gallardo CHI 57.40

Heptathlon (4 events)
1 Lucimara da Silva BRA 6160 CR/AR
13.78/-2.0 1.83 12.63 24.98/-0.4 (3618/1)
6.44/0.5 42.22 2:18.52
2 Thaymara Rivas VEN 5622 =NR
14.21/-2.0 1.68 13.51 25.72/-0.4 (3362/3)
5.63/-1.6 40.87 2:18.95
3 Tamara de Souza BRA 5548
14.25/-2.0 1.71 14.11 24.70/-0.4 (3526/2)
5.85/2.6 44.34 2:45.18

1 Brazil (Geisa Coutinho, Lucimar de Moura, Evelyn dos Santos, Rosângela Santos) 43.90
2 Dominican Republic (Mariely Sánchez, Fany Chalas, Marleny Mejías, Margarita Manzueta) 44.04 NR
3 Colombia (Eliecit Palacios, Alejandra Idrobo, Nelcy Caicedo, Darlenys Obregón) 44.42

1 Brazil (Joelma das Neves, Jaílma de Lima, Geisa Coutinho, Lucimar Teodoro) 3:28.56
2 Cuba (Aimée Martínez, Daysurami Bonne, Rosemarie Almanza, Adriana Muñoz) 3:29.13
3 Dominican Republic (Santa Félix, Yolanda Valerio, Marleny Mejías, Raysa Sánchez) 3:38.48

Medal Table (Gold, Silver, Bronze; Total)
1 BRA 14, 17, 13; 44
2 CUB 8, 6, 4; 18
3 COL 6, 3, 5; 14
4 VEN 4, 4, 2; 10
5 ARG 4, 3, 2; 9
6 ECU 2, 0, 2; 4
7 CHI 1, 3, 2; 6
8 PUR 1, 1, 1; 3
9 POR 1, 0, 2; 3
10 PER 1, 0, 0; 1