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IAAF Kids' Athletics

IAAF Kids’ Athletics is one of the biggest grassroots development programmes in the world of sports. Created in 2005, the programme by the end of 2011 had reached a cumulative audience of 1.5 Million kids across 100 territories. 

In 2012 Nestlé became the programme’s main sponsor, its commitment allowing the IAAF to organise additional courses for lecturers and coaches and eventually to reach a larger number of kids in existing or new markets.

The IAAF objectives of the programme are to make Athletics the number one participation sport in schools, to educate kids into sport in general and athletics in particular and thus promote a balanced and healthy lifestyle, and to attract and sustain the potential sporting stars of tomorrow.

The IAAF Kids’ Athletics aims to ensure a steady and sustainable policy of development of the sport of Athletics. The aim of which is to introduce children to Athletics at a basic level.
The programme is not intended only for clubs and Member Federations but also for schools and all institutions who are interested in the well-being of children.
The IAAF aims to popularise athletics in the six areas through a programme of several competitions called “A Team Event for Children”, which comprises of three event groups: Sprinting/Running Event Group, Jumping Event Group and a Throwing Event Group. There are three age categories targeted by the programme: 7-8 yrs, 9-10 yrs and 11-12 yrs.
The IAAF has also initiated a programme to educate the lecturers and coaches who run this “IAAF Kids Athletics” Programme.

IAAF World Athletics Day

The IAAF World Athletics Day, the sport’s annual worldwide festival of youth, is one of the busiest programmes of competitions in the Athletics calendar.

When it began in 1996, IAAF World Athletics Day was exclusively planned for youngsters who were members of clubs affiliated to IAAF member federations. But in recent years the scope of the project has broadened to include the participation of school children in team competitions. With the addition of this category, the IAAF World Athletics Day has become a complete and an important event which annually promotes our sport around the world.

The goal of the IAAF World Athletics Day is to firmly establish an important link between the youth, our sport, and environmental conservation.

More than 100 federations to take part in 2015 IAAF World Athletics Day


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