Since 1985, Seiko has been the choice of the IAAF at its major championships, supplying timing and measurement services to more than 170 IAAF events in every corner of the globe. Proud to support not only IAAF World Championships, presenting new athletics heroes, but also IAAF World U20 Championships, Seiko has timed and measured generations of great athletes from the very start of their careers.

Seiko provides state-of-the-art timing and measurement equipment, designed especially for athletics at the highest level, including a start information system, video distance measurement system and transponder timing system for both track and out-of-stadium races. At each IAAF event, Seiko’s team of specialist timing engineers is present, delivering precise and instantaneous timing data on which the sport depends. Our task is to measure greatness, and we are dedicated to delivering to the IAAF the very best timing service at each and every championship.